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3 Organizations You Can Donate to for Children Going Hungry

Support Filipino families with the help of these organizations!

There is no doubt that the Philippines experiences moderate to severe levels of hunger in all corners of the country. It is an issue that is mainly attributed to low-paying jobs, lack of available employment, and poverty, in general.

With this crisis, many children are deprived of the proper nutrition they need to live a healthy life free of diseases and illnesses. In fact, just last month, the Social Weather Station (SWS) recorded a spike in the number of people experiencing hunger in the country. It revealed that in the past three months, up to 7.6 million Filipino families went hungry—the highest number to be recorded since 2014. (Read: PH Govt Implements ‘National Food Policy’ to Combat Hunger in the Country)

It is unfortunate that this is happening to children, and even adults, who have big dreams but are robbed of those because they either find it hard to learn because of undernutrition, get sick, or worse, face death. As Pope Francis said, “We cannot look the other way and pretend this [hunger] does not exist. The food available in the world is enough to feed everyone.”

As we continue to battle the ongoing pandemic, show your support to families in need by donating to these groups that help address the issue of hunger in the country!

Reach Out Feed Philippines

Photos from Reach Out Feed Philippines Inc. Facebook

Reach Out Feed Philippines is a non-profit organization that partners with schools, communities, and churches all throughout the country to be able to feed undernourished children. And what they feed the beneficiaries is surely nutritious and fortified with the right amount of vitamins these kids need as their ingredients are fresh.

Just a few days ago, Reach Out Feed Philippines successfully fed over 200 children in one of their communities. They are also a beneficiary of Bake Sale for Better PH from September 30 to October 6. You may help them out through the Bake Sale for Better PH campaign or donate financially or in-kind by checking out their website.

Rise Against Hunger Philippines

Photo from Rise Against Hunger Philippines Facebook

Together with its newest ambassador Christian Bautista, Rise Against Hunger Philippines is helping address the issue of hunger in the Philippines. They regularly give out food packs to families that are beneficiaries of their program in different areas of the Philippines.

On Tuesday, September 29, they gave out the weekly food packs in Better World Tondo, one of their communities. You may help with Rise Against Hunger Philippines’s cause by donating what you can to any of their various programs through their website.

Project PEARLS

Photo from Project Pearls Facebook

Project Peace, Education, Aspiration, Love, Smile or simply Project PEARLS envisions a country where there are no children going hungry at any given time. But this doesn’t just apply to food, it also applies to education, healthcare, and opportunities.

This is why they not only feed their beneficiary children, but they also educate and advocate for the basic human rights of these children. They also hold medical and dental missions to ensure that children are kept safe from illnesses and diseases. You can help Project PEARLS continue their advocacy by donating to their cause through their website.

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