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5 Online Stores That Sell Cute Face Masks for Christmas

Because now, face masks are also a fashion staple!

In case you missed it, wearing face masks is now required when going out as part of the “new normal.”

For months now, face masks have been a necessity for Filipinos—and numerous local brands are now selling washable masks that can be worn over and over again. (Read: Christmas Shopping? These Online Bazaars Are Worth Checking Out!)

Although face masks are more a need for everyone than a trend, it doesn’t hurt to wear captivating, cute, and trendy ones. My Pope Philippines scours the internet on where you can get fashionable yet safe face masks that are perfect for Christmas festivities!

Face Masks Online: Pearlypop

Photos from Pearlypop Swimwear Facebook

When the pandemic happened, online swimwear store Pearlypop decided to open their quarantine collection, Breathe by Pearlypop. Nowadays, they are selling essentials from face shields that have anti-radiation and anti-fog features and face masks of different designs and colors— you may opt for silicone convex masks, satin ones, or cloth that come in different colors!

Face Masks Online: Salay Handmade Products Industries

Photos from Salay Handmade Shopee and SalayHandmade Shapii Facebook

Salay Handmade Products Industries is a social enterprise based in Misamis. They trended online because of their abaca face masks or the 7XB Filtration Mask which are made in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Not only are these masks sustainable, but they are also eco-friendly and have 7x better filtration than a normal cloth mask. If it’s not a trendy way to have your loved ones protected during the holidays, we don’t know what is! Check out their masks here. (Read: LOOK: Adidas Taps Pinoy Toy Designer For Manila-Inspired Shirts)

Face Masks Online: Apartment 8

Photos from Apartment 8 Clothing Facebook

Known for RTW dresses, Apartment 8 shifted their focus and started producing reusable face masks that come in the prettiest colors. Each mask has an inside pocket where you can insert filters for an extra layer of protection. You can get a set of three that comes in assorted colors— a perfect gift for your kikay friends and family this Christmas! Order here.

Face Masks Online: Kwento PH

Photos from and KWENTO Instagram

Kwento PH has always been known for their beautifully designed products— and their masks are no different. Coming in a variety of brightly colored patterns that reminds of traditional Filipino designs, Kwento’s masks are sure to bring the Pinoy culture closer to your homes this Christmas season. It comes in packs of five but can also be bought individually. Get it here. (Read: 3 Secrets to Protect Yourself From Viruses In Crowded Places)

Face Masks Online: The Armor Project By Mark Bumgarner

Photos from Mark Bumgarner Manila Facebook

Fashion designer Mark Bumgarner launched a collection of unisex face masks that come in packs of three. More than just a fashion statement, The Armor Project aims to help provide PPEs to frontliners— a good way to give back to our modern-day heroes! The masks are also made of repurposed fabric, which makes it more sustainable than buying brands that use new fabric. Get it here.

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