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3 Online Stores That Deliver Sushi Straight to Your Doorstep

Satisfy your sushi cravings today!

The Filipino culture is greatly influenced by our rich history. Among our biggest influencers are the foreign countries who colonized us in the past — and this is very much evident in our love for a variety of foods.

In the Philippines, hundreds of food establishments that offer different types of cuisines exist. There are the American-, Korean-, or even Mexican-themed restaurants that are all being patronized by a lot of Filipinos. But above all these, there is the Japanese food that has been a Filipino favorite ever since animes became popular in the country. (Read: Fun fact: The halo-halo is originally Japanese!)

So if you’re one of those who are very into Japanese food and currently craving it at home, My Pope Philippines is listing three local online businesses where you can order a tray or two of sushi! Read below.

Online Sushi Places: Sea Bites PH

Photos from Seabites PH Facebook

Sea Bites PH caters to anyone and everyone who loves seafood and any dish that makes use of it. They have pre-packed ready-to-cook salmon and tuna which you can either use for sashimi or cook to make steak, and ready-to-eat food that will surely fill your bellies.

And oh, did we mention they have sushi and sushi bake that can be delivered to your doorstep? Place your orders now via Instagram DM at @seabites.ph.

Online Sushi Places: Taste and Tell MNL

Photos from Taste & Tell Facebook

If you’re looking for a sushi tray to share with your family, better order from Taste and Tell MNL! They are the first-ever aburi tray in Manila, and they’re definitely the best. But aside from sushi, they also have noodles and desserts which are all to die for as well! (Read: 3 Must-Try Items From the New Daiso Japan Food Hub)

Taste and Tell MNL’s food is worth every peso, if you ask us. Order now by messaging them on Instagram. (Read: Quick and Easy Baked Sushi Recipe)

Online Sushi Places: Oomori PH

Photos from Oomori Japanese Cuisine Facebook

Looking for celebrity approval before ordering from a business? Then Oomori PH is the place to go! Actress Chynna Ortaleza-Cipriano actively comments on their posts with hearts and heart-eye emojis, which just goes to show how good their sushi is.

Oomori not only serves sushi, but sushi burger, baked sushi, and katsudon as well— you’ve definitely got a lot of options! Message them on Instagram to order.

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