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3 Online Stores That Deliver Korean Side Dishes to Your Homes

You can now enjoy your favorite Korean side dishes with just a tap on your screen!

There are times when we watch TV shows and movies that we can’t help but crave or have our mouths water at the food we see on screen. This goes for regular TV shows— sitcoms, dramas— but most especially for cooking and food shows (both fictional and reality).

But if there’s one kind of show that makes us hungry unlike any other, it would be Korean dramas or K-dramas. That’s because in these dramas, the protagonists (and antagonists) would often eat delicious, appetizing kimchi and hobak bokkeum to their hearts’ content— to the point where we also want to do the same! (Read: 3 Korean Dishes to Relive Your Best K-Drama Moments)

However, it could be quite taxing to find a store that sells Korean side dishes, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic. But fret not, My Pope Philippines has got you! We found several online stores that deliver these dishes straight to your doorstep so you can feel like you’re in a K-drama yourself!

Online Stores for Korean Dishes: Sijang Mart

Photos from Sijang Mart – Online Korean Grocery, Samgyupsal & Meat Facebook

Sijang Mart is an online Korean store that sells practically everything you would see in a convenience store in Korea. They have meat, side dishes, snacks, noodles, rice cakes, and even specialty drinks like the BTS coffee— definitely a Korean foodie’s haven! (Read: 4 Types of Kimchi You Probably Didn’t Know About)

And the best part is that you don’t even have to go out of your home to get them because you can order online and have them delivered to you. You can check out their catalogue and order here.

Online Stores for Korean Dishes: Famulei Grocery

Photos from Famulei Grocery Shopee and Famulei Grocery Facebook

Famulei Grocery has a wide array of products— from Japanese to Korean to Chinese delicacies, you name it they most likely have it! And when it comes to Korean delicacies, they carry the usual snacks and noodles, ramen, tea, and also the well-loved kimchi! Famulei has different kinds of kimchi that you can order and try at home.

Order from their Shopee store here.

Online Stores for Korean Dishes: Jia’s Samgyupsal Meat Supplier

Photos from Jia’s Samgyupsal Meat Supplier Facebook

While they mainly provide foodies with samgyupsal and other meat products, Jia’s Samgyupsal Meat Supplier also carries several Korean side dishes. These side dishes are what you normally pair with grilled meat, like japchae, rice cakes, and even sauces that go well with your favorite Korean barbecue! (Read: 5 Easy Korean Meals for Work Week Lunches)

And oh, they also have Korean street food which you can enjoy for yourself or use for your business! Send them a message here.

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