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Here’s Where You Can Grab a Rich, Chocolatey Devil’s Food Cake

Satisfy your sweet cravings with these delicious cakes!

Cakes are a staple during birthdays and celebrations, with us placing our orders weeks before the day of the event. It is such an important part that we even pay extra to customize the design and flavors and personalize the message.

But as time passes, cakes have become a part of our regular meals. We now eat it during weekly family lunches, coffee dates, and even study sessions with friends. One fan favorite is the Devil’s Food Cake. (Read: Wow, These Vintage Cakes Will Give You Major Throwback Feels!)

The Devil’s Food Cake, which got its name because of its rich, dark color, is made of layers with buttercream frosting that you wouldn’t be able to get enough of. It goes well with coffee— which we often drink in the morning and afternoon— as it balances out the bitterness of the drink.

So for today, National Devil’s Food Cake Day, My Pope Philippines lists two stores where you can get a slice of this favorite.

If You Want the Classic Devil’s Food Cake, Check out The Chocolate Kiss

Photo from The Chocolate Kiss

The Chocolate Kiss is probably the most popular store when it comes to devil’s food cakes. It’s their best-selling flavor and they are most known for it. That’s because it’s affordable, delicious, and very chocolatey! Every bite is worth it, that’s for sure.

If You Want a Twist to Your Devil’s Food Cake, Try Cake 2 Go

Photo from Cake2Go Cake Store Facebook

Cake 2 Go puts their own twist on the Devil’s Food Cake. Instead of just the chocolatey cake base, they’ve made it into a cheesecake! Their Devil’s Food Cheesecake is a definite must-try for anyone who loves the original version of the dessert. It even has chocolate buttercream filling and frosting!

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