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Sunday, October 25, 2020
3 Online Stores That Sell Fresh Meals for Dogs - image MPVisit_LEADERBOARD_728x90 on https://www.mypope.com.ph
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3 Online Stores That Sell Fresh Meals for Dogs

Their pet meals are all vet-consulted and lab-tested!

Just like us humans, animals also need a balanced diet for them to become healthy and develop properly. And most often, dog food does the trick in providing the nutrition these four-legged furries need for their daily meals.

However, amid the ongoing pandemic, dry dog food or kibbles seem to always be out of stock. Kibbles running low at home isn’t much of a problem if you can always prepare actual food for your pets like boiled squash or sweet potato, but if you’re someone who lives a busy lifestyle, that might be a problem.

The good thing is there are stores online that are selling ready to eat dog meals. These dog meals are made from fresh kitchen ingredients such as liver, vegetables, and sometimes even fruits, which will surely make your dogs happy and healthy! (Read: Play Ideas Perfect for Your Pet’s Personality)

My Pope lists some of these online stores so you could have alternative food options for these furries, at least until you find new stocks of kibbles.

Barkin Bakes

Photo from Barkin’ Bakes Healthy Pet Food Facebook

Barkin Bakes is known for its paw cakes—paw-shaped “cakes” made just for your dogs. Now, they have already expanded their online store and they are now selling dog cookies and treats, and even meals! (LOOK: These dogs are also serving as frontliners during the quarantine!)

Their pet meals range from meats and vegetables to even pasta, and these are all vet-consulted so you’re sure that they are safe for your dogs! If you want to place an order, you may contact Barkin Bakes through their Instagram, Facebook page, or at 0917 105 9986.

BidaBest Dog and Cat Food

Photo from BidaBest Pet Food Facebook

BidaBest prides itself on making fresh meals for your dogs and cats every day. The meals like chunky beef and chicken, and chunky chicken and squash are all lab-tested to ensure that dogs can eat them freely and not have any allergic reactions to it. BidaBest prepares the meals fresh everyday and delivers it frozen to you the next day. (Checklist: 5 Things Responsible Pet Owners Focus On)

Orders can be placed through their online stores at their website, Instagram, or Facebook.

PettoBento Natural Pet Food

Photo from PettoBento Natural Pet Food Instagram

PettoBento is an online store that serves healthy gourmet food for our four-legged friends. Their pet food uses only all-natural ingredients and is fortified with vitamins minerals for dogs’ ensured growth! PettoBento also recommends their food for dogs who are more sensitive to food than others.

You may check their menu and order on their website. You can also check their Instagram for their authorized resellers because they are also available in Cavite, Cebu, and Davao!

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