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3 Online Pastry Shops You Should Check Out This Pride Month

Here's how you can show your support to local businesses and the LGBTQIA+ community.

This year’s Pride Month may not be as grand as they have been in the previous years due to the pandemic, but the celebration and commemoration of the Stonewall Riots continue.

While many believe that this month is only for the members of the LGBTQIA+ community, Pride Month is nonetheless a matter that concerns everyone— regardless of their gender. It is a cause that aims to amplify the voice of people who call for equality, and raise awareness on everyone’s right to be loved and treated like family.

Even Pope Francis recognizes this. “Homosexual people have a right to be in a family. They are children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out or be made miserable over it,” he said in 2020. (LIST: Coming-of-Age Movies You Should Watch This Pride Month)

Now that we are still in isolation due to the pandemic, one of the best ways that we can do to show our support for the LGBTQIA+ community is to promote their businesses. There are many talented and creative LGBTQIA+ members who have been expressing themselves through art, cooking, baking— and some of them have even turned these hobbies into a business.

So in celebration of this year’s Pride Month, My Pope Philippines rounds up three online pastry shops managed by the members of the LGBTQIA+ community that you can support all year round! Prepare your stomachs as they offer fresh and mouth-watering pastries. 

Online Pastry Shops: Bekiry Manila

(Left) Classic Chocolate Crinkles (Right) Chunky Daddy Banana Bread (Photos from Bekiry Manila Instagram)

Bekiry Manila is a Bulacan-based store that promotes local ingredients and small businesses. Founded by Jessica Matias and her brother in 2020, this pastry shop uses ingredients and packaging that are locally sourced from maglalako in their village and small home-based suppliers.

“We decided to make our first batch of chocolate crinkles and offered it to our close relatives and friends. They raved about it and encouraged us to sell it online,” Jessica tells My Pope Philippines

Their best-sellers are the chewy Classic Chocolate Crinkles, flavor-filled Chunky Daddy Banana Bread, and chocolatey Once You Go Black Cookie. They also have butternut crinkles, nutty banana bread, classic fudge brownies, Chippendale cookies, and more!

Jessica and her brother believe that if you are passionate about something, don’t be afraid, go for it, and do it with pride. (Read: 3 Facts About the Award-Winning ‘Jake and Charice’ Documentary)

The prices range from PHP 150 to PHP 350. You can order through Facebook or Instagram.

Online Pastry Shops: Butterboy Bakehouse

(Left) Caldereta Croissant (Right) The Pride special, French Vanilla Rainbow Croissant. (Photos from Butterboy Bakehouse)

An architect-doctor couple founded this small bakehouse in Sampaloc, Manila. They began exploring the culinary industry to spice up their date nights until their knowledge and passion for baking expanded and were loved by many.

“What makes our pastries special is that they are crafted with quality and affordability. Instead of getting expensive imported ingredients, we focus more on the technique in creating these viennoiseries,” the owners explain. 

Their best-sellers include the classic croissants that vary from sweet and fruity to savory flavors. Another must-try is the special Caldereta Croissant which is infused with beef meatballs and cheese caldereta sauce. 

Butterboy gives a piece of advice to their fellow LGBTQIA+ business owners to never let the norms of society hinder them from genuine happiness and always practice kindness from within. (Read: Rajo Laurel Says Kindness Is Never Out of Fashion, and We Love Him for It!)

Their price starts at PHP 54 per piece and PHP 315 for boxes of 3, 4, or 6. You can order through their website

Online Pastry Shops: Sugar + Delight

BT21 and BTS-themed sugar cookies (Photo from Sugar + Delight Instagram)

Dianne Villapando had no idea that her new hobby and talent in the arts would go beyond her expectations. “Last February, I decided to resign from my job because the stress from the pandemic and my work has started to take a toll on my mental and physical health. While trying to look for some creative outlet for my anxiety, I discovered baking,” Dianne shares.

“I started baking chocolate chip cookies for me and my girlfriend to munch on at home. Then, I started baking for my family and friends. They all seemed to love the cookies, so I began to consider the idea of selling cookies online,” she adds.

Sugar + Delight focuses on making customized cookies requested by customers for birthdays and other occasions. They usually get a lot of requests for Candyland, mermaid, and BTS-themed sugar cookies. Their customers also love their do-it-yourself (DIY) cookie kits, where they can choose from different themes and design their own cookies. 

Dianne and her girlfriend always keep in mind to be true to themselves, and they are as worthy as everyone else. They also want the entire LGBTQIA+ community to remember this. (Read: 5 Tips to Navigate Adulthood, According to Roanne and Tina)

The prices range from PHP 50 to PHP 200. You can order through Facebook or Instagram

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