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3 Game Changer Officials Who Won at the 2020 US Elections

One is pro-women and immigrants, another has an Afro-Latino heritage, while the third is a transgender who won a senatorial seat—the first in US history!

Today, November 4, the United States are voting to either remain under the same administration for another four years, or see a change of presidency.

As of writing, Democrat candidate Joseph “Joe” Biden is leading against Republican and incumbent President Donald Trump, with 238 electoral votes to Trump’s 213. However, no candidate has been declared the winner yet as the US Constitution states that a presidential candidate must have 270 electoral votes to win.

This has caused many to have election day anxiety, hoping for the best results but also preparing for the worst. But on the “smaller” scale of things in the US, elections for Senate and the House of Representatives weren’t as tight, with some candidates already declared winners. (Read: A Look Into the Pope’s Relationship With World Leaders)

Some of the declared winners of the 2020 US Elections for seats in the Senate and the House of Representatives were re-elected for their positions, while some were first-time public officials—and even from minority groups.

Elected US Officials: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Photo from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Facebook

Known by her initials AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of the Democrat party won her reelection bid as the representative of New York’s 14th District (NY-14) in the 2020 US Elections. She beat 60-year-old high school teacher and Republican first-time runner John Cummings through an overwhelming victory. (Read: 3 Reasons Why People Admire Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)

AOC’s advocacies include Medicare For All, the Green New Deal bill which aims for the US to be carbon neutral by 2050, and the abolishment of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. She is the youngest person to be elected into Congress in US history and is one of the most looked up to public officials in the US (which also makes her one of the most targeted by Republicans). Her progressive platform has earned her the praise of many individuals especially women, immigrants, and members of minority groups.

AOC and the other members of “The Squad,” the four progressive congresswomen, have all won their reelection bids.

Elected US Officials: Ritchie Torres

Photo from Ritchie Torres Facebook

Ritchie Torres is now the first openly-gay Afro-Latino member of the US Congress, as the AP called the race for New York City’s 15th District and declared him the representative-elect.

He won the most Democratic seat in America with more than 30 percent of the votes, besting Democratic stand-out and lead candidate Rev. Rúben Diaz, Sr., who is anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, and is also pro-Trump. (Read: Here’s Why Even Filipinos Should Care About the US Elections) Torres is the son of a working single mother and an advocate for New York City’s essential workers.

Elected US Officials: Sarah McBride

Photo from Sarah McBride Instagram

Sarah McBride also makes history as she won a seat in the Delaware state Senate. An advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, McBride is the first transgender senator in US history and the highest-ranking transgender official in the US government. She was endorsed by incumbent Democrat senator Harris McDowell—who didn’t seek re-election after 44 years—and won over Republican candidate Steve Washington.

McBride is the former spokesperson of the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBTQ advocacy group, a former intern at the White House during Barack Obama’s presidency, and also the first transgender to speak in a major political convention in 2016.

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