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LOOK: The Grid Food Market Goes Online With New ‘Virtual Food Hall’

Indulge in your favorite food from The Grid without having to go out!

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of food establishments to pause—or worse, permanently close down—their operations due to major losses. And in order to help these struggling businesses to get back up on their feet, some groups have started to explore possibilities in online platforms.

One of these groups is the Tasteless team which founded The Grid Food Market at the Powerplant Mall. Now, they are pushing boundaries by bringing their popular food market into the virtual world through Off-Grid.

With dine-in activities still limited in the Metro, customers can now indulge in their favorite food from The Grid without having to go out. And aside from satisfying customer cravings, Off-Grid is also helping many workers keep their jobs at a time where many have been laid off or are finding it hard to land a job. (Read: FoodPanda Expands to 12 Cities Outside Metro Manila)

But what food does Off-Grid have? We list down two of the well-known restaurants that they carry and you must try!

Papi Pares

Photo from Papi – Pares Pinoy Facebook

Papi Pares, owned by Chef Patrick Go, carries one of the all-time Filipino favorites—pares! Their pares is mouthwatering and would make anyone fall in love with pares, if they aren’t already. Plus, they also have some items on the menu that put twists to classic Filipino food like the Mie Goreng Pares, Pares-caldo, and Tokwa’t Sisig. Place your orders on their order form.


Photos from Ke-Babu Facebook

Kebabu is a new food concept by Chef Him Uy De Baron and Chef Noel Mauricio that will serve you your favorite Middle Eastern dishes. Their signature dish is the pork kebab shawarma rice made of grilled juicy pork patties with lots of garlic and Kebabu’s own spice blend. They also have a pork kebab and fried chicken platter which combines their delicious pork kebab and their crispy spiced chicken fillet into one hearty meal.

You may order from these two via GrabFood, FoodPanda, and Pick-A-Roo. You can also place your orders for Papi Pares, Kebabu, and other restaurants through Off-Grid’s Facebook or their order form.

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