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The Pope’s Prayer Intention for October 2020

This month, let us join Pope Francis in prayer for the Catholic laity.

As a rule of thumb, Pope Francis has always dedicated a prayer intention for every month of the year. And for this October, Lolo Kiko is shedding the light on a group that has been working in the background since time immemorial: the Catholic laity.

As disciples of the Lord, the lay faithful are the ones who have the duty to serve the Gospel and evangelize the mission of the Church. With such great responsibilities put upon them, Pope Francis believes that the laity must be filled with faith in order for them to perform their duties well, and with much love and devotion. (Read: Pope Francis Names Six Filipino Priests As ‘Missionaries of Mercy’)

“Baptism makes each one of the lay faithful a missionary disciple of the Lord, salt of the earth, light of the world, and leaven that transforms reality from within,” the Pope said in 2016. “We need lay people who take risks, who get their hands dirty, who are not afraid of making mistakes, who go forward… not confined to the little things of life.”

For this month, let us join Pope Francis in prayer for the laity’s mission in the church. May the lay faitful, by virtue of baptism, participate more in areas of responsibility in the Church.

A Prayer for Devoted Laity in the Church

O Lord, our God, You called Your people to be Your Church. As they gather together in Your Name, may they love, honour, and follow Your Son to eternal life in the Kingdom He promised.

Let their worship always be sincere, and help them to find Your saving Love in the Church and its Sacraments.

Fill with the Spirit of Christ those whom You call to live in the midst of the world and its concern. Help them by their work on earth to build up Your eternal Kingdom. May they be effective witnesses to the Truth of the Gospel and make Your Church a living presence in the midst of the world.

Increase the gifts You have given Your Church that Your faithful people may continue to grow in holiness and in imitation of Your Beloved Son.

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