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FDCP Relaunches #NoodTayoNgSine Campaign To Show Support For Cinema Industry

It aims to encourage people to support the cinema industry once it reopens.

The film and entertainment industry has definitely been hit badly by the pandemic since last year. Ongoing filming and shooting had to be postponed to adhere to health protocols set by the government, movie premieres canceled, and cinemas were–and are still–non-operational.

With this, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) has relaunched the ‘#NoodTayoNgSine’ campaign–just in time for the Philippine Film Industry Month this September. (Read: LOOK: 5 Indie Films on Cinema One Originals’ YouTube Channel)

“FDCP believes in the power of cinema to transport, to entertain, and to inform. We believe in the power of cinema to unify us around a common experience and its ability to stimulate intense feelings,” they wrote on their website.

Show of support

The campaign aims to show support to the local film industry, and especially the cinema exhibition industry which has been greatly affected by COVID-19 since March 2020. The #NoodTayoNgSine campaign will encourage pre-pandemic regular cinema goers and patrons to show their support and enthusiasm once cinemas safely reopen in, hopefully, the near future.

Apart from encouraging patrons to show their support for the cinema industry, the campaign also wants to involve stakeholders and important members of the film industry like artists, distributors, filmmakers, audiences, and cinema owners in coming together as one to support the resumption of cinema operations in the country.

A relaunch of the campaign

Photo from Nood Tayo Ng Sine Facebook

This year’s campaign is a relaunch of the #NoodTayoNgSine campaign back in 2020, which was introduced at the same time as the “Binging During Quarantine” campaign. (Read: Experience Cinema Under the Stars With These Cinemalaya Films)

The latter is a campaign which encouraged film buffs and fans to share their favorite local films which are available on any digital platform accessible in the Philippines. It aims to have Filipinos add these local films to their must-watch list, and show their support for our local film industry.

The FDCP website has a microsite for the #NoodTayoNgSine campaign where people can sign up to get notified once cinemas near them reopen. You can sign up here.

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