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After Historic Win, Nonito Donaire Is Back as World Champion

Congratulations, The Filipino Flash!

Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire has won against Nordine Oubaali to win the WBC bantamweight champion yesterday in Carson, California.

The 38-year-old became the oldest bantamweight champion in boxing history after knocking out the French-Morrocan. Donaire dealt his opponent with his first loss. (Read: Triathlete Vanj Endaya Shares Her Fitness Routine Amid Lockdown)

“Father time is on my side,” Donaire said in an interview with Agence France-Presse. “I believe the human body is an incredible machine if we take care of it. Mentally you are only as strong as your mind can be.” 

The world champion added that his age is not a question but his ability to grow. “It is not what age you are, but how strong you are mentally. I am back. The whole time I was not fighting, I was learning. I am ready for the next one,” he said.

Knock Out

The end came swiftly in the fourth. Donaire expertly maneuvered Oubaali around the ring, pinning him against the ropes where a left uppercut sent Oubaali crumpling to the canvas for a third and final time. (Photo from Esther Lin/SHOWTIME/Fightmag)

Donaire won against Oubaali after knocking him down three times. The last knockdown came in the fourth round— prompting the referee to stop the fight. The Filipino Flash dominated the fight from start to finish.

The first two knockdowns happened in the third round with Donaire unloading vicious left hooks that had Oubaali tasting the canvas. (Read: How Biking Helped Nerissa Manuel Cope With Loss)

“I know what his pattern was,” said Donaire. “I knew exactly what he was going to do. I was able to counter properly with the left hook.”

“I don’t know if you heard my wife in the corner, she was saying something about, ‘You already know your distance, you already know his pattern, I want you to do what you need to do,’ and that was countering him because he was showing his disadvantage in terms of his weakness,” he added. 

“So that’s why I was able to counter him properly with the left hook.”

World Champion

Photo from Esther Lin/SHOWTIME/Fightmag

Donaire landed 68 of the 134 power punches that he threw, while Oubaali was just 33 of 144 in total punches during the match. The Frenchman landed just 18 of the 89 power punches that he attempted.

Congratulations, The Filipino Flash!

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