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New Vegan-Friendly Food Items From 7-Eleven And Starbucks You Should Try

Here’s some good news for vegans out there!

Are you switching to a meatless and healthier diet? Then you would love these new vegan-friendly food items from 7-Eleven and Starbucks! 

Since many people are starting to live healthy these days, different restaurants and other food businesses are expanding their menus with plant-based and vegan-friendly choices! It’s a good thing for everyone, especially vegans, that the two of the usual on-the-go shops finally offer ready-to-eat vegan-friendly meals, goodies, and drinks!

You won’t be having a hard time choosing from their menu anymore. Enjoy as much as you want of these new vegan-friendly food items! (Read: 8 Vegan Recipes for Your Meatless Diet)

Vegan-friendly food: 7-Eleven x unMEAT

Meatless meals are now affordable as 7-Eleven partnered with unMEAT, a plant-based food alternative company, to launch plant-based meals such as burger and burger steak! It is made with 100% plant-based patties that taste like real meat, consisting of zero trans fat, is low in fat, and is cholesterol-free.

Sandwiched between two buttery brioche buns, the unMEAT Burger is stuffed with vegan patties, locally sourced fresh lettuce, and cheese. Whether for merienda or midnight snack, you can’t resist its savory flavor with the same meaty goodness of usual burgers! 

If you want something heavier, devour the juiciness of the unMEAT Burger Steak Rice Meal! It has 100% hefty vegan patties, topped with classic gravy with mushrooms. This is a perfect and sulit meal that anyone will definitely enjoy!

The unMEAT Burger and Burger Steak Rice Meal are both available at any 7-Eleven outlets nationwide for only P89. (Read: 7-Eleven Now Offers Champorado and Arroz Caldo Family Meals)

Vegan-friendly food: Starbucks Philippines Plant Positivity line

The common dilemma of vegan coffee lovers is the limited choices of beverages in most coffee shops like Starbucks. Well, worry no more! Starbucks Philippines just launched its “Plant Positivity” line, adding plant-based drinks and snacks to satisfy all their customers. It features three oat milk-based drinks: Oatmilk Honey Frappuccino, Oatmilk Honey Latte, and the Oatmilk Honey Golden Monkey Tea Latte. 

The Oatmilk Honey Latte and Oatmilk Honey Frappuccino are made with oat milk and signature espresso, drizzled with honey-flavored syrup and mixed with toasted honey toppings. For only P30, you can upgrade your drink with a plant-based whipped cream! Price ranges from P195 to P235.

Meanwhile, the Oatmilk Honey Golden Monkey Tea Latte has an irresistible aroma and peachy taste of golden monkey tea, a kind of black tea. It is available in hot and cold, elevated with honey-flavored syrup and creamy layers of steamed oat milk, topped with toasted honey as well! Price ranges from P170 to P210.

These drinks are best paired with a vegan-friendly chocolate oat milk cookie and pot pie. The chocolate oat milk cookie contains dark chocolate chunks in a thick and chewy goodness oatmeal dough cookie that even kids would love! It is priced at P85.

(Left) Vegan-friendly chocolate oat milk cookie (Right) Vegan-friendly pot pie (Photos from Starbucks Philippines)

If you prefer something sweet and savory, the pot pie might be a good option. It is made with plant-based meat, celery, carrots, onions, and mushrooms, topped with melted cheese that you can indulge in! It is priced at P195.

These all-new vegan-friendly drinks and goodies are available at any Starbucks Philippines branches nationwide and via GrabFood for delivery. (Read: Wow! Starbucks Just Added Plant-Based Food to Its Menu!)

For more information about these new vegan-friendly food items, visit 7-Eleven’s Facebook page or Starbucks Philippines’ website.

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