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3 New Sugary Treats to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

It’s very tempting and addictive!

If there is one thing that almost everybody loves, it’s sweets! There’s something about sugar that can make everyone giddy with excitement and smile from ear to ear. 

Kids and adults will almost never ever say no to those sweet treats. But sometimes because of lack of choices, people would just grab the familiar chocolate bar from the shelf or a tried and tested ice cream flavor– kinda boring, isn’t it? 

Don’t worry, My Pope Philippines got you. We scoured far and wide to bring you these 3 new sweet and sugary treats to satisfy your cravings. Read on. 

New Sugary Treat: Oreo Fizzy

Photo from Mondelez International

If you love unique chocolate combinations, you better taste the newest flavor of Oreo! The Oreo Fizzy is a combination of chocolate and orange and is literally an orange-flavored and colored cookie with a tangy flavor and delightfully fizzy sensation. The orange cream filling is sandwiched between chocolate cookies that will make twist, lick, and fizz! This is a great snack when you’re on a quick break!

You can buy it on select markets and Lazada or Shopee.

New Sugary Treat: Magnum Double Caramel Ice Cream Tub

Photos from Magnum

Magnum, which started as a chocolate-covered and crunchy ice cream bar with different flavors, has been upgrading its sweet offerings. From ice cream bars, it is now available in tubs! And it is a gift that keeps on giving! Now, the ice cream brand has added the Double Sea Salt Caramel in its ice cream tub versions. It has a sweet caramel sauce mixed with Madagascan vanilla ice cream, topped with crunchy milk chocolate. Of course, it is also made with real Belgian chocolate that will give you a luscious dessert!

You may visit Magnum’s official website for more information.

New Sugary Treat: Skittles Lime

Photo from SKITTLES Twitter

We are all probably familiar with Skittles! It contains five different flavors: orange, lemon, lime, strawberry, and grapes, which are fun and addictive to eat. In 2013, the lime flavor was replaced with green apple. Since many customers are requesting that flavor, Skittles is bringing back the original lime flavor for good! ICYMI, there is also a first-ever single-flavored pack of lime Skittles called “All Lime.” So, you can now enjoy it as much as you want!

You may visit Skittles’ official website and Facebook page for more information.

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