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ICYMI: Jollibee, KFC, Krispy Kreme Just Updated Their Menu!

Put these new items on your must-try food for this year!

At the start of every year, fast-food chains and other food establishments would usually change things up in their service to signify new beginnings. These changes could come in different ways: renovating their stores, changing their uniforms, modifying their logos, or updating their menus.

And for this year, it seems that the latter is what most restaurants opt to do since quarantine is still all about staying at home and eating good stuff (no point in renovating as of the moment, right?). As a matter of fact, fast-food giants like Jollibee, KFC, and Krispy Kreme have just updated their menus with exciting new items for their patrons! (Read: Diet Plans for Weight Loss? A Nutritionist-Dietician Gave Us Tips!)

Want to see what we mean? Read on as My Pope Philippines lists some new menu items at these food establishments that you should be excited about!

New Menu Items at Jollibee: Ube Macapuno Pie

Photo from Jollibee Facebook

Jollibee is undeniably famous not only for its fried chicken, but also for the mouthwatering peach mango pie. And a few years ago, they added the buko pie into the mix, and the choco mallow pie had a brief re-introduction. (Read: These YouTubers Had *This* to Say About Jollibee Chickenjoy)

But this year, they are introducing yet another variation of their pies: the ube macapuno pie! Jollibee’s ube macapuno pie is filled with chunks of coconut and authentic ube, which are enclosed in their crunchy pie crust. Definitely, a flavor to try!

New Menu Items at KFC: Chili Con Queso Fries

Photo from KFC Facebook

KFC‘s own take on the chili con queso is now in fries form. Previously, the fast-food giant made the Tex-Mex dish into their popular twister and their famous bowl (mashed potato and fun shots). And now, they’re putting the creamy delicious dish on top of their flavorful fries! It comes in bucket size, perfect for sharing and enjoying with the family.

New Menu Items at Krispy Kreme: DUOghnut

Photo from Krispy Kreme (Philippines) Facebook

If you’re a chocolate lover, this is something you should definitely add to your must-try food for 2021. The all-new Krispy Kreme DUOghnut is made of two crowd favorite chocolates: Twix and Maltesers. (Read: Wow, This Plant-Based Lechon Belly Is Worth Trying!)

It’s a ring doughnut dipped in chocolate ganache with white chocolate on one side, and sprinkled with bits and pieces of Maltesers and a mini Twix bar on top. They also have DUO chiller drink using the chocolates!

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