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Wrap Up: New Food Releases This Week

Get a load of these new items while it's hot!

We all know that last Friday, the much anticipated BTS Meal from McDo was finally released. The meal which consists of 10-piece nuggets, world-famous fries, a large drink, and two limited edition sauces— cajun and sweet chili— took the internet by storm.

Instagram posts and stories, and Facebook posts and MyDays were filled with photos of the limited-edition meal from our ARMY friends and relatives. Food delivery services even had a surge of orders because of the launch of the meal! (Read: Check Out The McDo Crews Taking On The #IPurpleYou Dance Challenge!)

But the McDo BTS Meal isn’t the only new item from a restaurant or food establishment. In fact, there were a variety of drinks, desserts, and meals that were launched last week! Here are some of them.

New Releases: Kenny Rogers Plant-Based Menu

Photo from Kenny Rogers Roasters Philippines Facebook

Kenny Rogers is now also jumping in on the plant-based food hype! After several brands launched their plant-based menu a few months ago, Kenny Rogers Roasters now has a plant-based menu of their own. The items use Beyond Meat vegan burgers, that are vegan-friendly but still delicious. (Read: WATCH: Nutritionist-Dietitian Explains Fad Diets, Plant-Based Eating)

The two items that they recently launched are the Beyond Burger and Beyond Mashed Potato. The Beyond Burger is a hefty grilled burger with tomatoes, fresh lettuce, mayo, and cheese, on soft whole wheat buns.

Meanwhile, the Beyond Mashed Potato is Kenny Rogers’s signature soft mashed potato a thick Beyond Meat patty on top! It’s finished off with their in-house gravy with mushrooms. Both items can be availed for P295 each.

New Releases: Jollibee Sweet Chili Chicken

Photo from Jollibee Facebook

Are you a fan of Jollibee’s chicken? If so, then you are in luck! Jollibee is giving you more options for their ChickenJoy which many will surely enjoy. Their new item is the Sweet Chili Chicken, their signature ChickenJoy is now coated in a sweet chili glaze that is a great mixture of sweet and spicy.

A solo order with rice is priced at P89, and you can also order a four- and six-piece box for P320 and P475, respectively.

New Releases: Gram Cafe and Pancakes Tsunami Boba Pancake

Photo from Gram Pancakes Philippines Facebook

Do you love milk tea like many other Filipinos? Do you like a pancake, just like any other breakfast lover out there? If it’s a yes to both, then Gram Cafe and Pancakes’s Tsunami Boba Cake is a must-try for you! They combine pancakes and milk tea (boba) into one delicious souffle premium pancake.

This Father’s day special is made of several layers of Gram Cafe and Pancakes’s signature Premium Pancakes, topped with oozing cream and lots of boba, just like your favorite milk tea! It is served with a cake collar which you’d have to remove so the cream would flow on the sides.

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