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Pope Francis Names the New Director of Vatican Health Fund

Dr. Giovanni Battista Doglietto was among the doctors who saved St. Pope John Paul II's life in 1981.

Pope Francis has named Italian Surgeon Giovanni Battista Doglietto as director of the Vatican Health Fund, otherwise known as Fondo di Assistenza Sanitaria (FAS).

The appointment was made after the departure of Stefano Loreti, the former FAS director who held the position since January 2017. (Read: Pope Francis Appoints Women for Top Posts in the Vatican)

Doglietto, 72, was a lead surgeon in Rome’s Gemelli Hospital for more than 20 years. He’s in the digestive tract division. He was also an assistant to the surgeon who operated on St. Pope John Paul II after an assassination attempt on the pope’s life on May 13, 1981. (Read: How Pope John Paul II Became A ‘Secret Activist’)

Vatican Health Fund

Photo from Vatican News

Established in 1953, the FAS is a health fund for active and retired employees and personnel at the Vatican. (Read: Pope Francis Establishes Fund For Struggling Italian Families)

It has gone through reforms over the years. The most recent one was when Pope Francis revamped the statutes and regulations in October 2016. It became effective at the start of 2017.

President Msgr. Luigi Misto, in an interview with Vatican News, said that the reforms in 2017 marked the end “of a five-year period characterized by long-term unsustainable cost growth dynamics” for the Vatican Health Fund.

Furthermore, it helped the Vatican Health Fund to achieve about 3.6 million euros of savings compared to the previous years. (Read: 3 Ways Caritas PH Is Giving Support to Filipinos in Need)

“This allowed the return of over 5 million euros to the administrations of the Holy See and the Vatican State,” Misto added.

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