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Netizens Create Own Version of BTS Meal

In celebration of the global superstars' 8th anniversary, McDonald's Philippines gave Filipino fans a special gift with the release of the BTS Meal.

The BTS Meal released by fast-food chain McDonald’s has been so popular that netizens have come up with their own version of the meal.

In celebration of the global superstars’ 8th anniversary, McDonald’s Philippines gave Filipino fans a special gift with the release of the BTS Meal.

The meal consists of 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, a large drink, and your choice of sweet chili or cajun sauces.

My Pope Philippines lists down re-imagined meals featuring mocks-up of what a collaboration between a celebrity with a fast-food chain would look like.

Jolegendary Meal

Jolegendary Meal (Photo from NIKI)

The parody meal is a reference to pop culture icon Jolina Magdangal with her trademark butterfly clips, a style that was so popular back in the ’90s.

1989 x Jollibee Meal

1989 Meal (Photo from Aerolle Sana)

One fan created a concept meal to pay tribute to singer-songwriter Taylor Swift and her 2014 album “1989.”

Red Meal

Red Meal (Photo from @miyangsingle)

Another Swiftie shared a mock-up meal of Swift’s “Red” album that comes with a free limited edition scarf.

Ben&Ben Meal

Ben&Ben meal (Photo from Karr Cedric Camalig)

Filipino band Ben&Ben joined the fun and reposted the re-envisioned meal artwork made by one of their fans. The edited packaging comes in deep blue with graphics from the band’s album and track artworks.

Meanwhile, some netizens even created school-inspired meals.

Archer Meal

Archer Meal (Photo from Sham Adato)

“Unang kagat, Jesus in our hearts agad!”

Aside from the Archer symbol, the De La Salle University-inspired packaging also features French priest St. John the Baptist de La Salle, the universal patron saint of teachers.

UP Meal

UP Meal (Photo from Jake Flores)

Meanwhile, one Facebook user shared a relatable artwork for the University of the Philippines’ iskos and iskas.

Bucket Papa

Bucket Papa (Photo from Gonzaga Bascuna Des)

A fan of the all-female dance group SexBomb Girls also recreated a version of BTS Meal. The Jollibee meal set includes a limited-edition Daisy Siete tumbler.

F4 Meal

F4 Meal (Photo from Jaybe Catacata)

Way before obsessing over K-pop idols, Filipinos have F4, the Taiwanese singing and acting quartet.

One netizen created–not one–but two F4 concept meals which include witty names such as “Dao Ming Sauce” and “Hua Chili.”

Belo Meal

Belo Meal (Photo from Belo Medical Group)

A meal designed to make you glow up? Count us in! The concept meal, shared by Belo Medical Group, consists of a collagen drink, plant-based burger, and glutathione-infused fries.

What meal are you craving, Popesters? 

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