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LIST: All the Netflix Shows Starring Baifern Pimchanok

'The Con-Heartist' actress also stars in these Netflix shows and films!

If you’ve opened Netflix recently, you would’ve noticed that many Asian films and series are in the ‘Trending Now’ category. Series like 18 Again and Sisyphus, and movies like Mariposa, and Between Maybes are included in the list. But if there’s one face that stands out in these trending shows, it’s Thai actress Baifern Pimchanok.

Baifern, who is known in the Philippines through her 2010 movie Crazy Little Thing Called Love, is the lead star in a Thai film that is currently trending on Netflix Philippines. The movie, titled The Con-Heartist, follows the story of a former bank employee who seeks the help of a scam artist to get her money back from her ex-boyfriend. (Read: Heads up! These Korean Shows Are Coming to Netflix Soon)

Many have already watched The Con-Heartist and only had praises and good words to say about it. And if you’ve already watched it, and still want to see more of Baifern and her great acting, here are her other films and shows on Netflix!

Thai Movies Starring Baifern: Back to the 90s

Back to the 90s is a 2015 film about a teenager who magically goes back in time and tries to repair his parents’ rocky relationship. But to his surprise, he falls in love with his dad’s childhood from the 90s!

Many who’ve already watched Back to the 90s say that the movie is cute and heartfelt, and that they would recommend it to anyone looking for a light watch!

Thai Movies Starring Baifern: Friend Zone

No one wants to be left in the friend zone— especially if that person you like is someone amazing and kind. But in the movie Friend Zone, Baifern’s character, Gink, puts her best friend Palm in this conflicting situation. (WATCH: Angel Locsin, Neil Arce Give Tips to Escape the Friend Zone)

Both Gink and Palm try to have relationships with others over the years but unfortunately, all never worked. But in a twist of fate— or destiny, whichever you’d like to call it— the two best friends finally saw sparks fly between each other!

Thai Series Starring Baifern: My Dear Warrior

My Dear Warrior is a fantasy romance series where an astronomer meets her beloved comic book character in the flesh! However, it wasn’t all love and happiness when this happened, as she comes to realize that the character— despite being fictional— experiences real-world problems.

Every episode of this series gives a different sense of kilig and drama, and the audience has 20 times to feel this!

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