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3 Netflix Moms We Can’t Help but Love

Mother's Day isn't just for moms IRL— you can also celebrate your favorite Netflix moms!

Every Mother’s Day, we celebrate our mama, mom, nanay, lola, tita, ate, and all other women around us who are mothers themselves. On this day, we would cook for them, take them on a vacation, or plan a fun day with them — basically, we would treat them like the queens they actually are!

But for some, it’s not only our real-life moms who should be celebrated on this day every year. For them, even the fictional moms in movies, books, and shows are worth acknowledging for their effort on becoming a great mom to their fictional children, and indirectly becoming another mom to the viewers or readers. (Read: Shopping Guide: Must-Haves for New Moms)

So if you’re one of those who feel like they have second (or third or fourth) moms on TV and would want to celebrate them on May 9, My Pope Philippines is listing some Netflix moms we all love so you could honor them, too!

Netflix Moms We Love: Dr. Nalini Vishwakumar

Photo from Never Have I Ever Wiki – Fandom

Dr. Nalini Vishwakumar from the Netflix series Never Have I Ever is both a mom and dad to her only child, Devi. After the passing of her husband, Mohan, Nalini struggled to balance becoming a parent, working as a dermatologist, and dealing with her grief. At some point, Devi became distant with her, and Nalini became stricter when she saw that she was changing— and that made a much wider gap between them.

Eventually, Nalini realized her mistakes and made amends with Devi and vice versa, just in time for the season finale.

Netflix Moms We Love: Leila Lazaro

Photo from Twitter

Filipino Boys Love (BL) fans will definitely know this mom anywhere. Leila Lazaro is the wonder wo-mom of siblings London, Cairo, and Paris in the series, Gameboys. (Read: 3 Reasons Why We Love ‘Gameboys’ – and Can’t Wait for Season 2!)

What makes her an amazing mom to the three boys is that she is strict but also understanding, and knows when to discipline her kids and when to let a mistake go. Most of all, Leila is an accepting mom— especially when Cairo told her that he is questioning his sexuality.

Netflix Moms We Love: May Parker 

Marisa Tomei and Rosemary Harris played Aunt May in Spider-Man franchises (Photo from Screen Rant)

We know that May Parker, or Aunt May from the Spider-Man franchise, isn’t Peter Parker’s biological mom. Aunt May is just, well, Peter’s aunt and guardian. However, as the adult whom Peter grew up with after his parents’ death, Aunt May became the mother figure in his life.

Just like all moms, Aunt May signs waiver forms for Peter’s school trips, supports his studies, and keeps him warm and fed. Oftentimes, she would give him motherly advice about love and life, too!

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