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Home Entertainment Freediving in the Philippines to Be Featured in Netflix Series

Freediving in the Philippines to Be Featured in Netflix Series

Home Game will feature eight extreme activities around the world—one of which is freediving in the Philippines!

Although many restrictions are still being implemented due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the country, local travel is slowly starting up again. This might be tempting for some of us to go out and enjoy the summer, but experts say that staying at home is still the best way to protect ourselves and help flatten the curve.  (Read: Can the PH be looking at a third wave (and worst case) of COVID-19?)

Of course, the situation has been frustrating to many. Being on lockdown for three months has definitely been a struggle. Which is why, individuals and media agencies have been actively exploring unique ways to feed people’s wanderlust. 

As it looks like we’re going to stay indoors much longer, Netflix has figured out a way to bring viewers outdoors and let us experience the fun of the “outside world.” On Friday, June 26, the online streaming giant will premiere its new and original travel docuseries, Home Game.

With eight exclusive episodes, Home Game will feature eight extreme activities around the world—one of which will be the popular sports of freediving in the Philippines!

Philippine Waters

Photo from Netflix

For its third episode titled “Freediving,” Home Game will highlight the rich and long history of freediving in the country. The episode takes a look at the impacts of the sport in the livelihood of local communities and dives deep into scientific breakthroughs, such as how diving without oxygen can push the limits of the human mind and body. (Read: Meet Pia Ocampo, A Diver Who Helps Turn Ocean Plastic Into School Chairs)

“For many in the Philippines, freediving without oxygen is a way of life,” the third episode’s synopsis reads. “It’s also a demanding sport that pushes the limits of the human body.” 

Extreme Sports Around the World

Photos from Netflix

Aside from the sport of freediving in the Philippines, Home Game will also take you across the globe to places such as Kyrgyzstan to experience the 3000-year-old tradition of Kok Boru—a traditional Kyrgyz Horseback Competition. 

Other episodes include Italy’s Calcio Storico, Scotland’s highland games, Texas’ roller derby, Congo’s Catch Fétiche, Indonesia’s Makepung Lampit, and India’s Pehlwani. (Read: Travel Around Philippines With These Fruits in Season!)

Home Game focuses on the aspects of “Competition, Tradition, Honor,” as the show’s tagline suggests. The docuseries is indeed a fun and interesting way to explore and learn stories from different traditional sports around the world. 

Watch the trailer for Netflix’s Home Game below:


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