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Go on an Adventure at the National Museum of Natural History

Hey, kids! What are you doing thing summer vacation? Join us as we put our explorer hats on and go on an adventure at the National Museum of Natural History in Manila. Invite the whole family, too—admission is free!

Before we troop over to the museum, here’s what you should know first, young explorer:

The museum is interactive.

The museum exhibits were created with the Filipino family in mind—meaning each member of the family will find it interesting! Also, each floor is interactive so you actually have something to do while roaming around. Check out the “Submarine” for the country’s endangered reefs and take turns spotting a pawikan!

The museum has a wide range of exhibits.

The Museum of Natural History has six floors chock-full of different exhibits ranging from the underwater marine realm to rainforests. Upon entering, guests are greeted with the Tree of Life foyer where you can find the introduction to the museum. On the second floor, you will find Lolong’s skeleton—he is the Philippines’ largest crocodile (in captivity) ever recorded.

My Pope tip: Start from top to bottom as the exhibits are displayed per ecosystem—upper floors are for mountains and forests while the lower ones display the wetlands and the underwater kingdom.

There is a special entrance for families.

If you are eight years old and below (or if you are visiting the museums with lolo and lola), you may use the Lower Entrance facing

T.M. Kalaw Avenue. The Upper Entrance queue sometimes takes a while so it would be best to enter here instead.

Tripods, monopods, camera flashes, and wacky poses are not allowed.

While it is perfectly okay to take photos inside the museum, remember that wacky or disrespectful poses are not allowed. You also cannot bring tripods and monopods inside to prevent untoward incidents involving the displays. And while the museum has interactive spots, do not touch nor lean on the displays unless permission is stated.

Check out other museums (and Rizal Park!) while you’re there.

The National Museum of Anthropology and the National Museum of Fine Arts are near the vicinity. You might want to go and play at the nearby Luneta Park. And if you are keen on exploring not just our Natural History but the heavenly bodies as well, the National Planetarium (admission is also free!) is just a stone’s throw away for exhibits and shows that go beyond the Solar System.

Have fun!



Text by Yen Cantiga. Photo from Mabuhay Magazine/ Rei Gill Medestomas.

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