Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Hello there, Popester! Welcome to the My Pope Philippines website. As we anticipate the 500th year anniversary of Catholicism in the country, let us put our voices together to let Pope Francis know how much we Filipinos want him to come and celebrate with us. Yes, you read that right. Lolo Kiko might visit the Philippines in 2021! So send your heartfelt message to Lolo Kiko by clicking on the link above—and we will do our best to make it reach him! In the meantime, feel free to explore our online magazine for feel-good stories about the Vatican, news in the Philippines, inspirational celebrities, healthy recipes, and tips for a positive lifestyle. Enjoy!

– Aizel Dolom, Editor-in-chief

500 Years of Christianity

Dio ti benedica, la Tua Santità. We humbly ask Your Holiness to please visit us in this remarkable event of the 5th centenary of Christianity here in the Philippines. We humbly ask that Your Holiness to pay a visit here

Ralley Kyle Cabrera
January 11, 2021

Visit us Pope Francis

vieni a trovarci e unisciti a noi mentre celebriamo i 500 anni di cattolicesimo nella nostra casa, prega per noi e noi pregheremo per te papa francesco, Dios te bendiga a ti y a Filipinas, please visit us again and

Peter Zayed Mariquina
August 21, 2020

Dear Pope

Hello Pope Francis, next year we’re going to celebrate the 500th year of Catholism in the Philippines, with that it’s a great honor to have you celebrating. I hope you will be able to read my message. See you soon!

Marvin Echon Basco
August 20, 2020


” It is an honor for us Filipinos that you will visit us again here in the PHilippines. See you soon Pope Francis We love you, Stay safe and God bless”.

Erlinda Ponio
August 16, 2020

An invitation to the Holy Father Pope Francis

Al Santo Padre, buona giornata. In the year 2015, you came here to visit us to show the “mercy and compassion” of the Lord. In this year 2021, we would celebrate the 500th Year of Christianity in the Philippines and

John Emmanuel P. Cañete
August 14, 2020

Pope Francis Celebrating with us!

I hope Pope Francis will be able to visit the Philippines this coming 2021 and Celebrate with us the 500th anniversary of Christianity in the country. Either he personally visit us or a virtual visit where he can celebrate with

Victor John Lao
August 14, 2020

See you in the Philippines

Dear Pope Francis,
I am a 6 year old boy. I pray the rosary with my family everyday, and I lead the rosary. I also lead the Angelus every 12nn and 6pm. I hope you will be here in

Matteo Paolo Garcia
August 13, 2020

To Pope Francis

Your Holiness, please pray continuously for our country the Philippines, for an end to the pandemic Covid-19. We need your love and prayers more than ever. We love you, Holy Father! Thanks for visiting us last 2015. We hope you

Harold Eugenio
August 13, 2020

pls do not come

dear Holy Father, Pope Francis, how we wish to be with you on this momentous occasion but I worry about your health as well as the risk it will create when many faithful will congregate to see you personally. but

Clifford Canilla
August 13, 2020


Dear Lolo Kiko,Next year our country will celebrate 500 years of Christianity. I know you love us so much n so do we. I pray that you will be with us .Share the faith,love n mercy with us. God bless

Vilma Nannette Cosico
August 12, 2020

Christianity in the Philippines

His Holiness, if the worldwide situation permits, hope you visit the Philippines next year in the observance of 500th Christianity of tour country, the philippines

Dante C. Mesina
August 12, 2020

Come to the Cradle of Christianity in SE Asia

Our Beloved Sto. Papa Francis, Filipinos would be very glad to welcome you back to our country to be one with us in commemorating this momentous event of our Church history. Please Holy Father, I hope you will find the

Richard Balais Bandala
August 11, 2020

Tu es Petri

Sanctitatem vestram,ego, Intercede, ut Te Ad nos, Qui Magis Ad Auxilium Nobis Strenghten Fides nostra Et Celebrare 500 Annis Christianitatis. Jan Allen C. Muñoz
Altare Server
Philippines/Congregatio de Manila

Jan Allen C Muñoz
August 11, 2020

Inspiration to the Youth

Thank you very much His Hollines Pope Francis for always being an inspiration and being an good example to the youth and always stretching hand to those afflicted and especially to the poor

Ecean Gareth Kim
August 10, 2020

Thank you, Pope Francis!

Hi, Pope Francis! Thank you for being an inspiration for Catholics all over the world. We hope to see you in the Philippines next celebrate so you can celebrate the 500th anniversary of Filipino Catholicism with us!

July 28, 2020

Pope Francis is the BEST!

Thank you for being an inspiring to every Catholic in the world, Pope Francis! We hope to see you again. You are truly a rockstar pope.

July 28, 2020

You are the best “Vicarius Filii Dei”

Pope Francis, I know that you are in great pain emotionally and physicaly. I want to help. Thank you for the message. “Mercy and Compassion.” I understand it very well. I want to go to Rome and meet you in

Adrian Florence V. Dedal
July 27, 2020

I hope this won’t remain a dream!

I have heard of and seen many people who use their phones to take photos with Pope Francis. I have migrated to Hamburg, Germany, and I would like, even just once, to go to St. Peter’s Square and also take

July 27, 2020

with his books showed us the face of Jesus

A hug to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who, with his books showed us the face of Jesus, and an embrace to Pope Francis, who holds him by the hand, bringing him among us.

Giulia Molin
July 27, 2020

Pope Francis was inspired by a passage

I was in Rome on vacation and I went to St. Peter’s Square for the Angelus. Pope Francis was inspired by a passage from the Gospel of Matthew in which Peter rebukes Jesus when He reveals to the disciples that

Michelle, S. Margherita
July 27, 2020

I often try to follow his example

Right when Pope Francis became the Holy Pontiff, he said a phrase that struck me a lot: How nice if everyone can say, “Today I have made a gesture of love toward others.” I often try to follow his example,

Aureliano Micotti
July 26, 2020

Your blessing will give me

I lost my job at the age of 55 and feel the difficulty in having to start over. Holy Father, please say a little prayer for me. Your blessing will give me that needed push to move forward with optimism.

July 26, 2020

His spontaneity, affection, love,

I see such tenderness on the face of Pope Francis whenever he’s near children! His spontaneity, affection, love, and consideration make him like a grandfather with his favorite grandchild. He knows very well that they are the future. A Holy

Maria Concetta
July 26, 2020

Pope Francis inspires me

Ever since I became a teacher, I’ve been practicing and educating my pupils to be honest at all times. Pope Francis inspires me more after knowing him from news articles and especially when he came to the Philippines. I am

Jesusa S. Martinez
July 25, 2020

Then came Pope Francis

I have always been a diligent Catholic, but I eventually saw the Church’s teachings as strict and unyielding, leaving me no room to grow spiritually. While I still loved being a Catholic, I yearned for something— someone—that would make the

Yvette Miraflores
July 25, 2020

We love you

We love you and will always pray for you Pope Francis

Rosemely Villaflor
July 25, 2020

Love love pope

Love love pope. From Rosales family, Philippines.

Bobot Rosales
July 25, 2020

We love you Pope Francis

We love you Pope Francis god bless.

Ellebana Parasordonio
July 24, 2020

We love you so much

We love you so much, Pope Francis…

Alicia Arreza Vega
July 24, 2020

Lolo Kiko, we love u

Lolo Kiko, we love u, fr the Philippines…

Ching Podra
July 24, 2020

Greetings to our Pope

Greetings to our Pope, known as Lolo Kiko in the Philippines. We miss you and always pray for your good health. #welovelolokiko

Ting Ting Layoso Lopez
July 24, 2020