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We asked staffers: What have you learned from working on My Pope magazine?

When My Pope debuted in bookstores and magazine stands two years ago, its goal was to be a monthly source of inspiration through uplifting stories about people, places, things, and of course, Pope Francis. In time, readers let us know how happy they were to have a magazine that leaves them feeling hopeful and positive with every issue. 

Aside from our readers, My Pope’s good news and good vibes also rub off on the people behind the magazine. Here, staffers reflect on how working for My Pope has affected them professionally and personally. 

“I’ve learned how to live a better life.” 

Tata Mapa
Tata Mapa, Editor-in-chief

In my two years with My Pope, I’ve learned that Yerba Mate, a tea from Argentina, is Lolo Kiko’s favorite drink (and that it’s chock full of health benefits, too!), that each member of the Swiss Guard is literally a Swiss national, and that there are exactly 2,797 keys that open about 300 doors in the Vatican Museum. 

But beyond these fun and trivial facts, I’ve also learned so much about how to live a better life, thanks to the namesake of our magazine. The unassuming yet profoundly radical ways of Pope Francis are a constant source of inspiration, and his humanity reminds me to be more forgiving of myself and others, as we are all just trying to make our way in the world as best as we can. 

Being the editor of a magazine that helps readers do this is a true privilege—even if it isn’t always easy. And I feel so blessed to be able to work on a title that focuses on hope, happiness, and inspiration when many times it feels as if everything around us is falling apart. 

Filling My Pope’s pages with miracle stories, sharing the passions and good deeds of the everyday heroes we feature, writing articles on how to better navigate real life, helping readers sort out their issues in our Good Advice section, and of course, bringing all things Pope Francis to print has inspired me to walk the talk, so I try to stay positive and, when in a pinch, try to do what Lolo Kiko would. I might fail miserably at times, but because I believe that things will always work out for the best if we live with hope and faith in our hearts, I know that it’s worth it to try. 

“I admire and relate to the universal messages Pope Francis sends out.” 

Katsu Modomo
Katsu Modomo, Art Director

Working for My Pope for the past two years has been both a treat and a challenge. Even for someone who is a non-practicing Catholic, I admire and relate to the universal messages Pope Francis sends out. It makes me feel that faith is not a boxed-up set of rules but instead a warm embrace and a kind, listening ear. 

At a time where print is also going downhill, I find it quite a miracle that My Pope is still alive and I feel a thrill when our readers say they like reading My Pope so much. Hearing this makes me feel so motivated in helping make the magazine more entertaining and inspiring in creative ways.  

“More than a source of income, it is a mission.”  

Rina Lareza
Rina Lareza, IMV Distribution Director

Working for My Pope for two years has taught me a valuable lesson: More than a source of living, it is a mission I am tasked to accomplish. Rekindling hope and inspiration in people’s desperate and weary souls, sharing positive vibes and good values to the young, and transforming people’s lives and spirits make my own life more meaningful and purposeful. 

Distributing copies as far as we can go, up and down mountains and across seas just to make My Pope accessible to anyone who needs it gives me personal joy and satisfaction for accomplishing such a meaningful task. 

“I’ve faced challenges that have made me grow.” 

Reema Dowlani
Reema Dowlani, Office Manager

When I entered this industry, it was already a bit later in life. Circumstances brought me to accept this job (or what I thought of as a job) at first. 

After about a year into this, I started seeing the challenges that came with accepting an offer in an industry I was never a part of, or even a job I was not too familiar with. But being someone who looks forward to adding on skill after skill in my daily life, I started to enjoy the process of learning and growing. I’ve definitely faced challenges that have made me grow into a more understanding individual. 

As I enter my third year in this company, I look forward to facing the challenges with grace and understanding.  

“I learned how to handle multiple personnel and make IT-related decisions.” 

Marcos Sangga
Marcos Sangga, Indochine Media Ventures (IMV) IT Manager

I joined this company in Feb 2018, and since then I have learned a lot, especially handling multiple personnel, planning, and making IT-related decisions. I really enjoy working in IMV and of course, managing everything without hesitation––with the guidance of God our Creator.


Dexter Leones
Dexter Leones, IMV Chief Accountant

We should be thankful for every blessing we have.


Text by Joy Rojas.

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