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Readers share their encounter with their guardian angel

Have you had an encounter with your guardian angel yet? Our readers shared with us their extraordinary stories!

Safe Travels

It was past midnight and I was on my way home from work. The shortcut I was driving through was deserted, and I didn’t realize that I started falling asleep at the wheel and was about to crash into a pole. Out of nowhere I heard urgent honking from the car behind me. It was flashing its lights at me too. I pulled over and the driver rolled down his window. He asked if I was okay and handed me a can of instant coffee. He said that he’d accompany me until we got off that road, and I agreed because I was still sleepy. I was the first one to turn onto the highway, and was waiting for him to follow—but no car came after me! I guess it was my guardian angel protecting me from harm’s way.

—Edmond Cua

Tender Loving Care

The day before my son’s first birthday party, he had a sudden onset of high fever. We gave him paracetamol and he went to sleep early. He sleeps beside his yaya since my husband and I work nights. That night, I was quite busy at the office, checking in on my son from time to time. His fever didn’t go down and I didn’t want to wake him up to give him medicine. At around 2 am, his yaya was woken up by some movement: She saw a figure in white wiping my son’s brow— as if giving him a sponge bath. Thinking it was me, she went back to sleep. The next morning, when my son woke up, he didn’t have a fever anymore! I believe it was my son’s guardian angel, looking after him and making sure he didn’t miss his own birthday party.

—Donna Corpuz

Little Miracles

I do believe that God is really good all the time, and He sends His angels to us whenever we are in need. I am witness to His goodness in all things, even in the mababaw situations I have been in. Being a single mom of two teenagers and with a meager income, I am financially burdened. But when things get really bad, I am saved by God’s angels in the form of a friend or a colleague. I can’t recall the number of times when a friend or a former student would offer me a ride to or from work, or when a colleague would treat me to lunch. Life is difficult but I am able to endure because in these moments of salvation, I see the Lord’s face.

—Pam Villanueva

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