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LOOK: These Vegan Chocolates Might Just Be the Next Big Thing

Just because you're vegan doesn't mean you can't have chocolate!

Chocolates are comfort food for many, especially when they’re stressed or need an energy boost for a long, tiring day. They’re delicious, creamy, and sweet— and for that, we just can’t stop eating after we start! However, indulging in mouthwatering chocolate can be put to a halt when we change eating habits or lifestyles.

One of those lifestyle changes where you would have to stop eating chocolate is veganism, or the vegan lifestyle. That’s because in veganism, all animal products and by-products are avoided, including dairy, which most chocolates in the market contain, unless stated otherwise. (Read: 5 Beauty Brands That Are Cruelty-Free, Vegan, or Both)

Surely, it would be a drastic change especially for those who used to love their chocolate bars. Luckily, there are certain brands that have already developed vegan-friendly chocolate treats so vegans wouldn’t feel like they’re missing out!

My Pope Philippines is listing some of these treats for those who are vegan but still want their dose of sweetness.

Vegan Chocolate Treats: KitKat V

KitKat V – the vegan KitKat. Nestlé is fulfilling the wishes of plant-based fans around the world by launching a vegan KitKat in 2021. (Photos from Nestlé Flickr and (background) Freepik)

While it isn’t out in the market yet, KitKat V is already making waves in the food scene. The well-loved brand recently announced that they will be launching a vegan version of KitKat soon. A rice-based alternative for milk will be used, according to their head of Confectionery Business, Alexander von Maillot, as soy or almond milk changes the taste of the chocolate bar.

The KitKat V will also be using sustainable cocoa, which was obtained through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan and the Rainforest Allaince.

Vegan Chocolate Treats: Cacao That Cares

Cacao That Cares || Dark chocolate vegan fudge topped with melted peanut butter & a gluten-free pretzel! (Photos from SUSI Green Gastronomy Instagram and (background) Freepik)

Cacao That Cares is a vegan fudge created by Susi PH. It has melted homemade butter on top (vegan-friendly, too!) and a gluten-free pretzel to top it all off. It’s definitely a treat for the vegan sweet tooth and is a relatively guiltless indulgence because everything is homemade and is made of dark chocolate! (Read: This Fine Cacao in Mindanao Will Transform PH Chocolate)

Check out Susi PH on Instagram for orders.

Vegan Chocolate Treats: Black and White Ice Cream

Adam can make a mean ice cream, and this one is seriously good. Because of popular demand, the brand has now “veganized” its Chiqui Monkey ice cream (flavored with chocolate, peanut butter, and bananas—delicious!) as well. (Photo from Adam’s Seriously Good Ice Cream/PETA Asia)

Adam’s Seriously Good Ice Cream is known for, well, their delicious ice cream treats. One of their bestsellers is the Chiqui Monkey flavor which is a combination of chocolate, peanut butter, and bananas. And because of its popularity, Adam’s has decided to “veganize” their Chiqui Monkey ice cream! Now, vegan patrons of Adam’s can enjoy their very own tub of ice cream.

Go to their website to order.

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