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Checklist: Must-Try Street Food From Around the World

Have a taste of these countries' cultures— literally!

When we travel to different countries, we try to experience anything and everything their culture could offer. Every day we’re there, we visit a tourist spot, go to an attraction exclusive to that country, and try the most authentic food we could find.

Often, locals would tell you about dishes that can’t be found anywhere else and give you suggestions on what you should order. They would also point you toward food centers or halls so you’d have more options on where to eat authentic meals. (Read: Exclusive: Elijah Canlas Recounts His Best Travels in the PH, Abroad)

But above all else, there is one type of food you should try in any country you visit— street food! Just like us and our famous fish ball, kwek-kwek, and kikiam, other countries, too, have their own street food. Here are some that you should add to your list!

Must-Try Street Food: Bungeo-ppang in South Korea

Photo from UNIVERSΔL Twitter

Bungeo-ppang is a fish-shaped pastry filled with sweet red bean paste that is a common winter street delicacy in South Korea. It’s made of wheat flour, baking powder, milk or water, and sometimes eggs, depending on who is cooking it. The batter is poured onto a bungeo-ppang grill, which is similar to a waffle cooker but has the actual fish shape on it!

Must-Try Street Food: Calzone in Italy

Photo from Maggi Arabia

Here in the Philippines, pizza and similar dishes are often served in restaurants and establishments with seating capacity— but not Italy. Italians actually consider pizza and calzone (or folded over pizza) as street food. Walk around the streets of Naples and you’re sure to find a line of carts full of calzone you can buy and eat while exploring the city. (Read: 7 of the Most Unique Palm Sunday Traditions Around the World)

Must-Try Street Food: Asinan in Indonesia

Photos from Wikimedia Commons

Asinan is a dish made of fruits or vegetables that are brined, pickled, or vinegared, which is also salty (evidently with its name!). Two types of asinan are the most popular in Indonesia: asinan Betawi and asinan Bogor. (Read: The Most Unique Christmas Meals Around the World)

Asinan Betawi is from the Betawi people of Jakarta, which uses Chinese cabbage, tofu, lettuce, and bean sprouts, with hot peanut and vinegar sauce on top. On the other hand, asinan Bogor from the city of Bogor, is a fruit-based asinan that uses preserved pineapples, raw mangoes, papaya, and other fruits. Its sauce is hot-and-sour vinegar and chili sauce.

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