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3 Must-Try Restaurants Near Quiapo Church in Manila

Make the most out of your visit to Quiapo Church with delicious food!

Today, in celebration of the Feast of the Black Nazarene, Quiapo Church will once again be filled with devotees of the miraculous image. And even with the COVID-19 pandemic, these faithful individuals will not let anything stop them from giving honor to the Black Nazarene— but of course, they and the church will be observing all health protocols.

Instead of the traditional traslacion, the image of the Poong Itim Na Nazareno will be brought to different cities and buildings in and around Metro Manila. (Read: Traslacion of the Black Nazarene to be Held in NCR, South Luzon) Additional Masses will also be held so as to avoid crowding in the area.

With numerous Masses scheduled and crowds divided into smaller groups, people might have to wait for a little longer to have their chance at seeing the Black Nazarene and attending Mass at the church. So while you’re at it, My Pope lists some food establishments around Quiapo Church that you might want to eat in!

Restaurants Near Quiapo Church: Ma Mon Luk

Photos from (Miles Felicia and Dang Belgica) Ma Mon Luk Facebook

Ma Mon Luk is a longstanding Chinese restaurant in the Philippines, having started in 1950. It’s the home of the best and original Mami in the country, and it has become a favorite of many since then. (Read: 3 Manila Restaurants That Closed Due to the Pandemic)

Ma Mon Luk also has mouthwatering siopao and delectable siopao sauce, and authentic Chinese dumplings like siomai and hakaw. Their food is budget friendly, too— proof that you don’t have to spend too much on delicious food!

Restaurants Near Quiapo Church: Bulalo World

Photo from Bulalo World Facebook

The weather right now is perfect for a bowl of soup that makes your insides warm. This is why if you’re looking to eat before attending Mass at Quiapo Church, you might want to drop by Bulalo World!

Bulalo World makes one of the best-tasting bulalo soups around Quiapo, giving you your money’s worth! Their hefty serving will surely fill you and make you satisfied with your meal.

Restaurants Near Quiapo Church: Eng Bee Tin

Photos from Eng Bee Tin Instagram and Eng Bee Tin Chinese Deli Facebook

If you’re looking for something lighter— not a full meal, that is— Eng Bee Tin is the way to go. Home to the authentic hopia, Eng Bee Tin offers new variants to dish classic merienda to keep up with the times. There’s the mochipia (hopia with tikoy in the center), and even the brownie hopia! (Read: Here’s Where to Get the Famous Brownie Hopia and Nutella Buchi) And not just that, their tikoy and mooncake are also delightful to the tastebuds!

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