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3 Local Stores That Make Delicious, Beefy Burgers

Take a bite of their burgers and taste the difference!

Every once in a while, we like to indulge ourselves with a delicious meat-based meal. It is a guilty pleasure of sorts, but we also can’t stop consuming it — especially if it is a burger with juicy patties covered in our favorite sauces!

But did you know that there is actually a special day that celebrates this mouthwatering dish? Yes, there is an actual National Hamburger Day, and it’s being celebrated today, May 28! (Read: Burger King Is Asking You to Buy at McDonald’s – Here’s Why!)

So if you’re coincidentally craving burgers right now, or just want to eat one in honor of this special day, you’re in luck because My Pope Philippines is giving you three stores where you can order a serving or two of burgers!

Burger Places in the Metro: Pound

Photo from POUND Burgers Facebook

If you’re looking for a unique burger, better order from Pound! Everything they serve— from the buns to the patties to the sauces— is made in-house. (Read: 3 Online Stores That Deliver Sushi Straight to Your Doorstep)

Their bestseller, the Pound Burger, has the usual tomato and lettuce you’d find in most burgers, but it also has crispy onion and mustard relish. Plus, they are using their special TE sauce (Todd English Food Hall’s special sauce) for it!

Burger Places in the Metro: The Snack Shack

Photo from The Snack Shack Facebook

The Snack Shack is a favorite hangout place among students from UP Diliman, and all for good reason. They serve really delicious meals for a very affordable, student-friendly price— and their burger is no exception!

Their quarter pounder with cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and condiments sells for only P90. Imagine, less than P100 and you already get a quarter pound of pure beef patty goodness!

Burger Places in the Metro: Buns & Bros

Photos from Buns & Bros Facebook

Simple doesn’t always mean basic— not when you have a special sauce to accompany your burger! Buns & Bros‘s burger has all the ingredients of a standard burger but with their secret B&B sauce. They also have The Bomb, an extremely spicy burger, The Boss which is a black beer-bunned burger, and other specially crafted burgers for foodies!

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