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5 Movies and TV Shows About Medical Workers

These films and series give us a better understanding of how it's like to work in the medical profession!

According to the latest data released by the Department of Health (DOH), a total of 6,735 healthcare workers in the Philippines have already contracted the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)—6,070 have already recovered but 625 cases remain active. 

This unfortunate situation that our frontliners face only proves that being on the frontline isn’t easy. Our frontliners’ immense sacrifice, dedication, commitment, and efforts in managing the COVID-19 pandemic are invaluable and are something that we should always be grateful for. (Read: Celebs Show Support to Health Workers Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases)

To have a better understanding of and insight about the challenges and sacrifices of our doctors, nurses, and everyone in the medical community, My Pope Philippines lists five TV shows and films that feature the life of medical workers.

Untold Stories of the E.R.

Photo from TLC

Every hospital’s emergency room is filled with untold stories of life and death. That is why Untold Stories of the E.R. earns the number one spot on this list. (Watch: Filipino doctors give tips on how to navigate the ‘new normal’)

This docudrama series features re-enactments of real life-threatening injuries, or situations that happen in the emergency room. Medical workers get to narrate their most memorable, touching, and life-changing cases they’ve ever encountered in their job.

Untold Stories of the E.R. airs on TLC and Discovery Life. 

Grey’s Anatomy

Photo from Netflix

Grey’s Anatomy is the longest-running medical drama in the history of television, with its 16th season being released this year. The show follows a team of medical workers from Seattle Grace Hospital. 

According to Andrew Dennis, the series’ medical advisor, Grey’s Anatomy might only be 85 percent accurate when it comes to hospital life but it sure brings you a good insight on what struggles and challenges our doctors and nurses go through.

Grey’s Anatomy is now available for streaming on Netflix.

The Good Doctor

Photo from Netflix

The Good Doctor follows the story of Dr. Shawn Murphy, an autistic surgeon with a photographic memory. The show is not only notable for its accuracy when it comes to medical jargon, diagnoses, and treatments, but also for its representation of a person on the autism spectrum. (Read: Raising a Child With Autism: What This Mom Wants You to Know)

The Good Doctor is streaming on Netflix.

Heroes in the Hot Zone

Photo from TFC The Filipino Channel

ABS-CBN DocuCentral’s timely documentary entitled Heroes in the Hot Zone shows how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of many Filipinos. (Read: 4 Millennial Frontliners Who Are Making A Big Difference)

Through the documentary film, three Filipino doctors narrated an extreme portrait of how it feels to be inside the COVID-19 war zone—from the testing centers to the emergency room, and the hospital wards where patients battle the disease in isolation. 

Heroes in the Hot Zone is available on Youtube.


Photo from Cínemalayà

Set in a public hospital, Edward revolves around a young boy’s life as he is stuck to take care of his ailing father. The boy treats the hospital grounds as his playground, not knowing that it will be his source of liberation in the end. 

The movie might not solely focus on our medical workers, but it features the struggles and challenges that patients face in a public hospital—from tiny rooms and failing healthcare services and financial aid.

Watch the trailer here.

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