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3 Useful Apps For Virtual Movie Nights With Loved Ones

Avoid the lags and pixelized videos with these!

Virtual gatherings through meeting platforms and social media websites have been the standard “way” of celebrating any occasion nowadays.

Various social media platforms and apps have allowed more people to connect and see eah other. And now, there are also useful apps to do movie nights with your friends and family who live far away. All you have to do is install any of these apps and Chrome extensions so you can watch at the same time without the lag or pixelized videos! (Read: Watch These Movies If You Miss ‘He’s Into Her’ Star Belle Mariano)

Movie Night Extensions: Scener

Photo from Scener

Scener allows you to watch content from Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Hulu, and many more with just one click! While watching a video or movie together, you can also see them as it supports video calls as well. And if you don’t necessarily want to have your videos on–maybe because it affects your wifi’s speed–you can still talk to the people you’re watching with through the chat feature.

Download it here.

Movie Night Extensions: Rave

Photo from Rave – Watch Party

If you prefer watching on your phone than your laptop because you can lie in bed with your phone, then Rave is the perfect extension for you! It’s a downloadable app for your phone where you can watch together with friends and family who also have the app installed. There is a built-in chat–both voice and text–to talk with others and gush about what you’re watching. And the good thing with Rave is there’s also versions for laptops and desktops, so everyone can use this platform. (Read: MOVIE REVIEW: Netflix’s My Amanda Is A Love Letter To Friends Turned Family)

Download it here.

Movie Night Extensions: Teleparty

Photo from Teleparty

Formerly called Netflix Party, Teleparty is a Google Chrome extension that now enables you to watch Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and HBO in sync with your loved ones. You just have to create a room and share the link with the people you’ll be watching with, and you’re all set for a fun night! Just like the previous two, you can also chat while watching to make movie nights more “realistic”.

Download it here.

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