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A Day for Mom: Honor the No. 1 woman in your life!

What is Mother’s Day? This special day honors mothers and motherhood all over the world. For this year, it falls on May 13, the second Sunday of May.

Mother’s Day traditions vary according to each country. A bouquet of carnations is given to Japanese mothers because these flowers represent gentle strength. In Peru, departed mothers are honored by visiting their graves. Meanwhile, a three-day festival filled with singing, dancing, and feasting is held in Ethiopia to celebrate both Mother’s Day and the end of the rainy season.

Mothers Day Traditions - My Pope Philippines

Mother’s Day: Did you know?

  • Mother is “Mãe” in Portuguese, “Maйka” in Bulgarian, “Mutter” in German, and “Mater” in Latin. The word for “mother” starts with the letter “M” in most countries.
  • In Yugoslavia, it is tradition for children to sneak into the room of their parents and tie up their mother. Mothers have to give their children presents as soon as they wake up to avoid this fate!
  • Popular gifts for mothers on this special day include books, cards, lotion, flowers, and, of course, a nice dinner out.
This article originally appears in My Pope Kids’ May 2018 issue. Text by Ciara L. Mapa.

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