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Four Women Who Give Love and Guidance Like Real Mothers Do

On Mother's Day, celebrate not just for your Nanay, but for every woman who gives you love and support every step of the way.

Mother’s Day is typically a celebration of the women who raised us. However, there are also women who stood by us like a real mother despite not being one.

My Pope celebrates four women who serve as mother figures and give love and guidance like real moms do.

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Photo by Michael Morse from Pexels

For most, she’s the number one kunsintidora. She’s the one who gives an extra scoop of ice cream despite Mom or Dad saying you’ve already had enough. Your lola was probably one of the first people who changed your diaper or taught you your ABCs and 123S. She might also be the one you confide in about things that you feel uncomfortable telling your parents—which makes her the best secret-keeper and the coolest person you know!


Photo by Jerry Wang on Unsplash

As they say, school is our second home—and with that, our teacher, who we fondly call “Miss,” acts as our second mom. And why not? She’s the one whom we spend half our days with, doing activities and reading books. She also gives us advice on our grades, relationships, and friends. Whether we call her Miss, Teacher, or Ma’am, she’ll always be a second mom whom we can run to when the going gets tough.

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Mom Friend 

Photo by prostooleh / Freepik

In every barkada, there’s always that one friend who’s considered as the mom of the group. She’s probably the person who reminds every one of the things to bring for out-of-town trips, or the one who has everything—from candies to emergency—in her bag. Mom Friend is also the one you run to when faced with a dilemma. She’s the person who’s always ready to listen to your rants about family, relationships, and work then gives her sentiments—when asked, of course!

The Boss 

Photo by tirachardz / Freepik

There’s a stereotype that bosses are there to solely notice your wrongdoings and reprimand you for your actions. But this doesn’t necessarily apply to all. There are bosses who look over your work and give you advice on how to improve what you’re doing. You consider You consider her your mentor, someone whom you can run to when you need guidance and advice in your chosen career path. (Should I accept the promotion? Or should I choose a better opportunity?) Just like our real moms, Boss is the one who supports you—this time, in learning the ropes of your new position or project.

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