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Pinaasa Ka Ba? Moonstar88 Has This Advice for You!

Members of the band talk about their latest single, "Paasa," and their recent collaboration with Noel Cabangon.

There is no worse feeling than being led on— whether by a friend, someone special, or a family member. And if you are someone na umasa or pinaasa, Filipino rock band Moonstar88 is here to lift your spirits!

Last February, Moonstar88 collaborated with Filipino folk singer and composer Noel Cabangon for their latest single, Paasa. The song, which is about someone who has been led on, gives a lighthearted spin to a heartbreaking story through an upbeat melody.

“We feel very honored to be able to work with Sir Noel. And we’ve always wondered how it feels like to work with him. Even if it’s a virtual, remote work with him, the experience has been fun,” shares Maysh Baay, the band’s vocalist and guitarist. (Read: Bey Talks ‘Crash Landing,’ Music Inspirations, and More!)

Maysh, Buddy Zabala (bassist), Bon Sundiang (drummer and vocalist), and Herbert Hernandez (lead guitarist) share with My Pope Philippines the story behind “Paasa” and how it was like to work with a music legend like Noel Cabangon. Read below!

Noel Cabangon x Moonstar88

Photo from Moonstar88 Facebook

According to the quartet, although they are used to working with Noel in out-of-town gigs and during social movement activities, it still feels surreal for them to have worked with the “Kanlungan” singer remotely.

“Different lang yung circumstances because all of us are in our home and it’s done by computer, by emailing, by sharing files,” says Buddy. “We were not able to spend time with each other in a recording studio kasi social distancing and we’re just sheltering in place.”

Moonstar88 adds that they have not seen each other since the lockdown has taken place. (Read: Gracenote Celebrates 13th Year, Shares Post Pandemic Plans)

“[Because] we also want to set an example to everyone and we don’t need to go out of the house unless we absolutely need to. Even if we’re on GCQ, all of us have sense of responsibility to minimize our movement,” explains Maysh.

More than relying on anyone, trust that God is always in control, according to Herbert. “Never ka bibitawan nun. Basta gawin mo lang lahat, Siya na bahala.” (Photo from Moonstar88 Facebook)

When asked about their single “Paasa,” and their message for those who have been led on and left heartbroken, the member of Moonstar88 had these two pieces of advice to share:

Tip #1: Be Self-Sufficient

For Buddy, having confidence in your own ability and valuing your worth is the key to avoid being led on. “Natuto na ko, hindi na ko umaasa. Self-sufficiency is the key,” he says. (Read: Meet the Asian Women Who Will Voice ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’)

Narratives of isolation and self-sufficiency have also heightened amid the global health crisis brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. For Bon, one thing that the pandemic has taught him is not to rely on anyone. “Kung meron mang malaking lesson itong pandemic, self-sufficiency,” he says.

Tip #2: Have Faith

When it comes to the things you cannot control, one option always remains: put your trust in God. Herbert says more than relying on anyone, we have to trust that God is always in control. “Never ka bibitawan nun. Basta gawin mo lang lahat, Siya na bahala,” he says.

Was there also a time the band has been led on? Maysh shares a funny story on how she unintentionally led on her bandmates during one of their gigs in a bar in Manila. (Read: 5 Books That Teach Kids the Complexities of Love)

“Usually nagna-nap ako before a gig kasi sumasalang kami mga 11 or 12… yung alarm ko pala imbis na 9 PM, 9 AM pala yung na-set ko. Pagkagising ko, 200 yung missed calls ko, parang lahat tumatawag sakin— yung boyfriend ko, pati yung parents ng boyfriend ko hinahanap ako. Akala nila ano yung nangyari sakin pero nakatulog lang ako,” Maysh says.

Herbert, meanwhile, says it is the COVID-19 pandemic that has led him on. “Akala namin maiksi lang to parang one year lang, napaasa ako nito na temporary, sobrang maiksi lang,” he says.

Watch our exclusive interview with Moonstar88 below:

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