Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Here’s a Prayer to Start Your Week with Positivity

The first day of a new week, Mondays are a chance for us to start anew.

Mondays are hard to face when you perceive it negatively. Look at the bright side and think about the fresh start that it brings. Don’t let yourself start your week with unhappiness and sadness. No matter how hard your  last week was, you have the choice to change it this week.

Mondays give us a chance to start anew. The first day of a new week, it is poses an opportunity for us to start on a new course. 

A prayer to guide you in your journey.  

Jesus, I revere you because you are my Lord and Savior.  I thank you for a new start to my week.  My heart is filled with joy, because I am given another day to spread your message.  I acknowledge my transgressions against you and the people around me.  Please help make me whole again and forgive my imperfections.  I need you as I begin my day.  Watch over me today as I return to work after the weekend.  Make today bright with your glory.  I know your light will shine upon my path so I don’t stumble in the dark.

As I watch the sun rise on this beautiful morning that you have given me, I know that some of those aren’t as lucky as I to see the rise of a new day.  I commit to you the plans I have for the week, because I know that you’ll know what to do.  I pray for my friends and family so they have a blessed Monday as well.  Guide them as you have guided me.  In your name I pray.


Prayer by ourfatherprayer.org

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