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The Miracles of Motherhood: Readers share their soul-stirring stories

“To be a mother is a great treasure. Mothers, in their unconditional and sacrificial love for their children, are the antidote to individualism; they are the greatest enemies against war.” – Pope Francis

Indeed, nothing is as great as being a mother. And as it is the month of May, we at My Pope would like to celebrate the miracles of motherhood by featuring some of the most heartwarming stories we received from our readers. Read on and be inspired!

I was depressed and had a falling out with my only daughter when my husband passed away. Three years later, I woke up to the familiar smell of coffee in the kitchen. Despite knowing that it was impossible, I hoped that my husband was back (he used to brew coffee in the morning) and ran to the kitchen. Of course, there was no one there, but I saw my daughter’s favorite cup on top of the kitchen sink, beside the coffee maker. I found myself calling my daughter. We both apologized and cried on the phone. She said that she smelled coffee that morning as well. I believe it was my husband telling me and my daughter to make peace with each other.

—Florita Jimenez

Motherly Care

Moms are the real miracles. I just came from an exhausting meeting, so I was sleepy and tired as I drove home one night. I was falling asleep at the wheel when my mom called my cellphone. What she said still gives me goosebumps to this day: “Anak, nasaan ka? I was praying my rosary, I thought you’re home na because you called me from downstairs. Ingat ka, magkape ka if you’re tired.” I immediately got coffee and hugged my mom the moment I got home.

—Edward Sio

A Bigger Purpose

I have an ongoing battle with clinical depression. One night, I was lying beside my son and was feeling totally numb, so I decided to go to the other room to calm myself down. But the voices in my head grew stronger—and it came to the point that I was planning on how to kill myself. Out of nowhere, my wallet on top of the dresser fell and opened to our family photo with my husband’s arms around me, and my son with his wide toothless smile. I realized that I still had a reason to continue fighting. I spoke to the picture and said, “hindi ko kayo iiwan.” I closed my eyes and fell asleep. When I woke up an hour later, I prayed. I thank the Lord for using the photo to remind myself that life is not just about me anymore.




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