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My Pope Readers Share Their Miracle Stories

“Nothing is impossible if we turn to God in prayer.”

Were you ever at a point in your life when everything was going wrong and you just wanted to give up on your dreams? As Pope Francis once said, “Nothing is impossible if we turn to God in prayer.” So just keep believing in yourself—and in Him—and things will surely work out for the better.

Still feeling uncertain? These reader stories are bound to help you understand what our Santo Papa is trying to tell us:

Miracle stories: Dream Big

Job InterviewWhile taking further studies in Australia, I worked part time for a state government agency. As a temporary visa holder, I did not get full-time job offers. However, when a permanent position opened, I applied for it. I was up against a lot of people who had permanent residencies here in Australia, but I still somehow hoped that the impossible could actually happen. I was grateful for my manager’s support and belief in me. A few weeks later, I did it—I got the job! I will always be grateful for this experience in my life. (Read: We asked successful professionals: ‘What did you learn from your first job interview?’)

—Angie Lim, 34

Miracle stories: Unexpected Gift

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Many years ago, just after my husband and I married, we tried for children right away. But it seemed it wasn’t meant to be. We visited many churches to ask for a miracle, like the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Manaoag in the Pangasinan province. I believed that my wish would come true by visiting this church because of its rich history. After about four years of marriage, my husband and I decided to adopt a baby instead. But to our surprise, I found myself pregnant. It has been over 30 years now, but we will never forget our experience and we are grateful every day for our daughter, who is a gift to us.

—Gigi Castro, 68

Miracle stories: My Father’s Blessings

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When my father passed away, I was abandoned on the streets by my siblings. Circumstances forced me to end up working as a server in the company where I once held a very high position. I was left with only the Bible that was used at my parents’ wedding. Devastated, I asked God, “If You really exist, give me a sign.” I opened the Bible and saw the verse from Psalm 27:10, “Though my father and mother forsake me, The Lord will receive me.” Years have passed and today, I have my own home and I am my own boss. My siblings and I have made peace with each other regardless of the pain that was caused. And I’m happy I have a family that includes God. In a way, my Father’s blessings were all I really needed. (Read: A Prayer for All Dads and Father Figures)

—Sofia Ramirez, 56

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