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We Asked Millennials: What Are You Looking Forward to This 2021?

Are you embracing changes in the new year as well?

To say that we’re all happy that the past year has ended is probably an understatement. For one, people are actually overjoyed and are looking forward to positive things in 2021.

Much like 2020, this year is all about change— and hopefully, for the better! With COVID-19 vaccines now being rolled out in some countries, and the economy being opened once again, citizens of the world are all too happy to welcome the new year. (Read: 10 Prayers from the Bible to Inspire Change in Your Life)

With that, My Pope Philippines asked two young professionals what changes are they looking forward to this year.

Jasmine Gagarin, Editor

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I really want to focus on my physical health this year. Last year was a bit challenging for me because, for the first time in my life, I experienced being underweight. I’ve been having a hard time gaining weight— and it is an issue that I think is not usually discussed in the media as people are always concerned about losing weight. (Read: 3 Valuable Tips to Bounce Back to a More Hopeful Year)

In the Philippines, most people think being underweight is absurd or that it’s not a real problem. But it’s something that I know is of great importance. It was not easy because everyone is trying to be at their healthiest state in this pandemic.

Paul Torres, Registered Nurse

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I plan to apply for a higher position in our organization hierarchy this year. At the same time, I’m applying to work abroad. This pandemic is a big change for the entire world. It might have been a curse to everyone, but it can also be an opportunity for healthcare workers to expand their horizons. After this pandemic, the top priority is to strengthen the healthcare facilities all over the world. (Read: DOH Seeks Additional 3,000 Healthcare Workers in Fight Against COVID-19)

As much as I want to serve our country, I know that I have better opportunities abroad, especially with the state of the Philippine healthcare industry. I believe that we must learn to embrace and live side by side with a lot of these changes in order to progress. We learn as much as what we have lost during the pandemic— the trick is to apply what we have learned, make it a routine, and avoid being complacent. Follow what needs to be followed. 

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