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3 Easy Recipes for Your Midnight Snacking

Here are some ideas for your next late night craving!

Most days, we tend to just stick with the three meals we’re used to— both to save money and to avoid gaining too much weight. However, there are times that our hunger gets the best of us that we end up eating at ungodly hours, most often at midnight or one in the morning.

In these times, we would often check the refrigerator for anything we can eat quickly just to satisfy our midnight hunger (and cravings). But sometimes, we also crave for something specific that we actually cook at this hour! (Read: Paula Bernabe of ‘Baon Serye Ni Mister’ Shares Tips for Packed Lunches)

So to help you make midnight snacking easier, My Pope Philippines gives you three easy-to-make midnight snack recipes. Read below!

Midnight Snacks: Cereal Milkshake (10 minutes)

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Who says you can’t eat cereal at midnight? Make midnight snacking easier and more convenient by blending your food and drink into one delicious milkshake. Just blend half a cup of milk, around three scoops of vanilla ice cream, and 3/4 cup of your favorite fruity cereal. This recipe serves two already! Get the recipe here.

Midnight Snacks: Pizza Chips (20 minutes)

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Craving pizza but all pizza places are already closed for the night? Well, make it yourself! These pizza chips will turn your favorite pizza into perfectly-sized snacks you can eat while on YouTube trying to make yourself sleepy! Get the recipe here.

Midnight Snacks: Brownie In A Mug (5 minutes)

Photo from Australia’s Best Recipes

Looking for something sweet? Why not make this easy brownie in a mug recipe? All you need is a microwave and you can now make this! And it only requires five ingredients in your kitchen. What are you waiting for? Make it the next time you’re up at night, looking for something to munch on! Follow the recipe here.

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