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5 Must-Watch Vlogs From Michael V’s YouTube Channel

If you haven't seen one of Michael V's vlogs yet, you're definitely missing a lot!

When we say YouTube stars, we often think of vloggers made famous by their unique and relatable contents such as Mimiyuuuh, Pamela Swing, Benedict Cua, and the famous vlogging couple, JaMil. (Read: Vlogger Mimiyuuuh Now Ready To Buy Family’s Dream House) But there is another type of YouTube stars — the celebrities who have decided to use YouTube as an outlet to share their passions, expertise, and personalities outside the world of showbiz. 

There’s no denying that local celebrities have so much more to offer outside the glitz and glamor of show business. That’s why it’s no surprise that more and more local celebrities are putting up their own YouTube channel and creating vlogs where they can make their own narrative and personally connect with their fans.

Despite being one of the most prominent names in the Philippine showbiz industry, Filipino actor and comedian Beethoven Michael del Valle Bunagan, known by his stage name Michael V and also known as “Bitoy,” is one of the many local celebrities who have recently joined the vlogging community.

Photo from Michael V. Facebook

On his personal YouTube channel entitled “Micahel V. #BitoyStory,” the Pepito Manaloto actor has found a way to share videos featuring his personal anecdotes and surprising side hobbies.

Bata pa lang ako mahilig na ‘kong gumawa ng istorya. Pero noon, madalas napapa-trobol ako dahil sa mga kuwento ko,” Michael V said on his YouTube Bio “Thank God for YouTube! Ngayon, p’wede na ‘kong magkuwento nang magkuwento!

If you haven’t seen one of Michael V’s videos yet, you’re definitely missing a lot. But as always, My Pope Philippines got you covered! To rescue you from your YouTube FOMO, here are five must-watch videos from Michael V’s YouTube channel that will make you click the subscribe button.

#BitoyStory 24: “VOLTES V”

Many people may not know it but Michael V is an avid toy collector. In this vlog, the Bubble Gang star revealed his fascination with the hit Japanese anime “Voltes V” which according to him started when he was still a little kid. (Read: Celebrities Express Concern for ABS-CBN Workers Set to Lose Jobs)

The YouTube video started with him talking about the history of the show and later on went to unbox the newest addition to his “Voltes V” collection. But aside from his toy collection and a funny song number, this vlog is a must-watch because Michael V gave a little advice on why one should not let their inner child die. 

May mga nagsasabing matanda na tayo kaya hindi na tayo naglalaro. Pero ang totoo, hindi na tayo naglalaro kaya tayo tumatanda. Sana ‘wag niyo hayaang mawala ‘yung inner child ninyo,” he said. “‘Wag tayong maging isip-bata, dapat pusong-bata. Para kahit gaano kaliit, kahit gaano kababaw, kahit gaano kawalang-kwenta sa iba, ang importante makahanap tayo ng dahilan para maging masaya.”

Wonder Woman Scribble Time Lapse

Aside from being an actor and being the funny man that he is, one of the many gifts that Michael V has is his drawing abilities. In this 2-minute video, the Pepito Manaloto actor showcased this ability with a sketch of “Wonder Woman.” So if you are an artist, Bitoy’s channel is also for you. He even shared some tips and advice for aspiring artists. (Read: 3 Relationship Lessons We Can Learn From ‘Through Night and Day’)

“I can’t stress enough how important it is to have an understanding of anatomy to be able to do this and I have to thank Dell Barras and Whilce Portacio for unlocking my mind with this ability,” Michael V says on his YouTube caption. “Lastly, practice, practice, practice. I’ve been drawing since grade school but there are still a ton of people who are A LOT better than me.”

#BitoyStory 21: “DISNEY GIVEAWAY”

If you are looking for a generous vlogger with giveaways here and there, Micahel V’s YouTube channel is the right place.  Admit it or not but everyone loves giveaways— especially when big prices are at stake.  But in this video, aside from the Disney giveaway, Bitoy also gave us a chance to see his life as a father. 

Bitoy together with 20 year old daughter, Brianna Bunagan talked about their favorite Disney films and even gave us a heartwarming cover of “I See The Light” from Disney’s Tangled.

Bitoy’s #COD PS4 Pro Stream Part 1

When we say Bitoy’s YouTube Channel is for all, we meant it! The multi-talented comedian is a gamer too and has been sharing livestream of his games on his channel. 

Call of Duty and NBA2K20 are some of the games Bitoy has played on his YouTube channel. So if you are a fan of these games or if you want to learn some moves from Bitoy, go ahead and subscribe now!

#BitoyStory 23: “DRONE REVIEW” with PATRICK & ROBERT

Bitoy’s YouTube channel is also a review channel! In this video, Michael V together with John Feir and Arthur Solinap also known as Patrick and Robert in Pepito Manaloto gave their insights and reviews on their very own DJI Spark drones. This might sound silly but the video is full of gagworthy clips and of course accurate and honest reviews.  

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