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Have You Heard? Mendokoro Ramenba Revealed Its Secret Menu!

The two items are exclusively available at their BGC branch.

In a way, food can give us a sense of exclusivity and it can also give us a feeling of shared identity. When we eat somewhere that’s branded as ‘exclusive,’ we feel somewhat gleeful that only a handful of others have tried what you’ve eaten. The same goes for when we try and eat something that’s limited edition, like a flavor of a cake or a seasonal drink.

But did you know that there’s actually something much more exclusive than limited edition flavors and food? It’s what restaurants call ‘secret menus’. (Read: 3 Easy Dishes Selena Gomez Tried on Her Cooking Show)

Secret menus are straight to the point— they are a couple of dishes or drinks that aren’t available in the regular menu, and only those who have knowledge of the said secret menu will be able to order them (because others don’t know them of course!).

And just recently, popular ramen place Mendokoro Ramenba did the unthinkable by revealing their secret menu!

Secret Menu at Mendokoro Ramenba

(Left) Curry Tsukemen; (Right) Tantan Maze Soba (Photos from Mendokoro Ramenba Facebook)

Right now, there are two items that are off-menu at Mendokoro Ramenba. These are the Curry Tsukemen and the Tantan Maze Soba which are exclusively available at their Bonifacio Global City (BGC) branch. (Read: 3 Hearty Soup Recipes That Popes Eat During Cold Seasons)

The Curry Tsukemen is a Japanese curry made from scratch by Mendokoro’s sister restaurant, Kazunori Japanese Restaurant. It combines turmeric, cumin, ginger, coriander, and fresh or dried chilies, and is a deconstructed ramen of sorts.

On the other hand, the Tantan Maze Soba is a spicy noodle dish perfect for those who love a good kick to their food. The dry noodles are topped with thick sauce which is what gives flavor to the dish. Customers can choose from five levels of spiciness, meaning they can choose according to their spice preference. (Read: These Food-Inspired Book Covers Will Make Your Books Look Kawaii!)

The two items, as mentioned, are only available at the BGC branch— RCBC Icon Plaza, 26th Street, corner 6th Avenue. The Taguig branch is bigger and has a shorter waiting time compared to the Makati branch in Salcedo Village.

Mendokoro Ramenba BGC is open daily from 10 AM to 11 PM.

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