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This Pinay Started ‘Allora Manila’ to Encourage Praying the Rosary

Meg Ramoso helps bind families together — one customized rosary at a time!

On May 1, Pope Francis launched an initiative dedicating the whole month to a Global Rosary Marathon for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The marathon will continue every day in May, with different prayer intentions led by the 30 Marian shrines that will all be broadcasted live on the Vatican’s social media platforms every 6 pm, Rome time— or 12 midnight in the Philippines.

Meg Ramoso of Allora Manila is one with this initiative. She tells My Pope Philippines how she intends to bring back the habit of praying the Rosary through her online shop that she started in 2020. (Read: Here’s What the Pope Wants You to Know About Praying the Rosary)

“Surely, a number of people raised their eyebrows, doubted, and even questioned me on the road less traveled I decided to take,” says Meg, who launched Allora Manila after working in corporate for over two decades.

“From corporate life to an online business selling rosaries, seriously? Why not? I now live a simpler yet more meaningful, purposeful life,” she shares.

Allora Manila adds a personal touch to your rosary or it can also be the perfect gift for your loved ones. (Photo from Allora Manila Facebook)

Binding Families Together

Meg says her vision is to bring back the habit of praying the Rosary every day in every Catholic home. (Read: Mama Mary Helped Save My Niece, Now I Pray the Rosary Daily)

“I know it will inspire more Catholics and even children to pray the rosary without the need of gadgets. Praying intimately was my goal as I personally witness it in my own family. My boys are now leading our daily rosary,” Meg says.

Now, her customers-turned-friends would share with her how Allora Manila’s rosaries inspire them. Some say that they are now praying the Rosary every day as a family, while and others share how their children started to lead prayers with the help of their Mystery Rosary.

“When you hear the stories of my customers, you’ll be inspired to know that they have started praying the Rosary every day with their families with the help of the mystery bars. Even children are excited to pray, too!” Meg says.

Allora Manila

Allora Manila’s 2021 Collection. What a great way to start the year with more rosaries to spread love to our family and friends! (Photo from Allora Manila Facebook)

To encourage more people to pray the Rosary, Meg plans to post stories on how praying the Rosary has positively impacted her customers. She is also taking part in the Global Rosary Marathon and urges others to do the same.

“I started promoting the Global Rosary Marathon as soon as it was announced. I do regularly post how the rosary can be a great protection for all struggles and even victories in life,” she adds. (Read: 3 Things That Make the Rosary a Great Meditation Tool)

Allora Manila sells different types of rosaries— antique rosary, bracelet rosary, small rosary, rosaries for cars, and wedding rosary cords. They also make customized designs to better fit their customers’ needs.

Their 2021 collection price ranges from P600 to P1,200.

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