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The medical intern who saved a woman during MRT mishap

In a time when mostly wrongdoings go viral on social media, Dr. Charleanne Jandic defied the norm. The medical intern rose to Internet fame for all the right reasons—she courageously helped a woman whose arm was severed in an accident at the MRT-3 in November 2017. How did she keep her cool in the heat of the moment? Here’s a sneak peek at My Pope’s interview with her:

You showed courage and presence of mind during that freak MRT accident last year. What was going on in your head during those moments?

“Aaaaah! What am I doing? Am I doing this right?” Admittedly, it was not that I was raring to go and do what I can. Because although I can say that I have training, it’s different when you encounter a patient beyond the walls of a hospital. There was hesitation and trepidation on my part because I did not know the extent of her injuries. What if it was beyond something that I can manage?

How has the incident affected your life?

Professionally, there have been opportunities to attend events and conventions. The attention was quite overwhelming since I am a private citizen and I do not really go around boasting about what I do to help others. Personally, nothing has changed. I was brought up by my parents with a mindset to help others when I can, so they were proud of me when it happened, but it was not really a big deal since they know it was part of my job.

As a medical doctor, what’s the most important decision you have to make every single day?

Whether or not to go on duty.  Just kidding! I guess the most important one would probably be whether or not I still want to continue (becoming a physician). It can be exhausting and draining in all aspects so you really need to find one good reason to get you going on a daily basis.

The medical intern who saved a woman during MRT mishap - image Untitled_2017_11_15_16_51_44 on
Dr. Charlie attends to the woman whose arm was cut off during the MRT freak accident last November 2017


The full interview with Dr. Charleanne Jandic appears in the July 2018 issue of My Pope Philippines magazine. Text by Yen Cantiga.
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