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Mcdonald’s Sets up ‘McClassrooms’ for Online Teachers

It includes free coffee and WiFi access!

On Monday, October 5, the new school year officially opened for the majority of public schools and some private institutions that have not yet started classes.

This meant that online classes are now underway and teachers, students, and parents alike have to adjust to the new normal for school amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, despite the preparations that have been done by schools, there is still the problem of having a stable internet connection in the country.

It is a known fact that the Philippines has one of the slowest internet connections in the Asia-Pacific region, having an average of 5.5 Mbps in 2017. This was and still is a challenge to everyone—especially now that we are relying on the internet to attend our classes and meetings. (Read: We Asked Teachers: How Are You Adapting to Online Learning?)

Such an issue is what prompted McDonald’s Philippines to convert some of their party rooms into “classrooms” for online teachers.

Free WiFi and Coffee

Called McClassrooms, McDonald’s party rooms are open to all teachers who are looking for a quiet and comfortable space to teach in. Teachers who will be going to the McClassroom will be receiving free coffee from the McCafe and WiFi access in branches that have an internet connection. Use of the facility is free of charge.

Photo from McDonald’s Facebook

McDonald’s Philippines also ensures that the McClassrooms are clean, well-sanitized, and conducive for teaching. Teachers will only have to visit and register at any McClassroom branch near them from October 5 to 9 to make use of the facilities. You may view the participating branches here.

Kindness Kitchen

McDonald’s Philippines, through the Ronald McDonald House Charities, has also previously helped during the pandemic by establishing the Kindness Kitchen. It was an initiative that provided food to frontliners, helping combat COVID-19 and communities who are in need of food.

As of May 31, the Kindness Kitchen has already provided 200,000 meals for different health institutions and communities.

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