ICYMI: You can now make your own McDonald's hotcake at home! - image  on https://www.mypope.com.ph
Monday, September 21, 2020
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ICYMI: You can now make your own McDonald’s hotcake at home!

Mcdonald's Cook-It-Yourself Pack might just be the answer to your fast food cravings!

For sure, fast food breakfast is a large part of our childhoods—those drive-thru rides before going to school, getting hot chocolate and hash browns. And maybe even during adulthood, we’ve enjoyed a cup of coffee with pancakes before going to work.

But with the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) currently imposed in the Luzon island, children have not been going to school and adults have not been going to work, which means there are no drive-thru breakfasts right now.

With this, people may be missing the distinct taste of fast food pancakes we’ve been used to. Luckily, McDonald’s, one of the biggest fast food chains in the country, has launched the second wave of their Cook-It-Yourself Packs.

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ICYMI: You can now make your own McDonald's hotcake at home! - image mcdonalds-cook-it-yourself-packs_2 on https://www.mypope.com.ph
Photo from McDo.ph Facebook page

The McDonald’s menu staples made available for the second wave are the following:

  • Hotcake Mix (1 kg) – P149 per pack
  • Hotcake Syrup (1 kg) – P199 per pack
  • Coffee Grounds (180 g) – P99 per pack
  • Hot Fudge Topping (2 kg) – P399 per pack
  • Caramel Topping (2 kg) – P399 per pack
  • Tonkatsu Sauce (1 kg) – P199 per pack
  • Mayonnaise (1.5 kg) – P399 per pack

These cook-it-yourself packs are available in select McDonald’s branches. “As the Cook-It-Yourself Pack is a promotional program, we rotate products that will be made available to customers at our stores,” McDonald’s Philippines writes in a their Frequently Asked Questions. “However, you may check select SM Markets (Hypermarket, Supermarket, Savemore) and Waltermart Supermarkets for frozen Cook-It-Yourself products.”

Photo from mcdonalds.com.ph

Previously, the fast food giant made their chicken nuggets, regular marinated chicken, and spicy chicken available for purchase via take out and drive-thru.

Click here to see the list of participating branches that are selling these packs.

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