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LOOK: New Book ‘May Beybi sa Batya’ Inspired by Viral Pinoy Photo

The book has already raised over 173,000 pesos to help typhoon victims in the Philippines.

As these trying times continue, writers everywhere are doing their best to get inspiration in order to transcend hope and love to everyone. Some are looking into the positive side of the day, while others, like Filipino author John Ronnel “Jeron Tanglaw” Popa, are taking a different path by looking into the unfortunate events that have been happening in the country.

Books based on true stories are the most powerful stories to tell. And this might be one of the reasons why Popa came up with a picture book inspired by the viral story of a three-month-old baby who was placed in a plastic basin after the onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses in the Cagayan Valley region. (Read: Here’s What You Need to Know About This Year’s MIBF)

Called May Beybi sa Batya, the picture book features illustrations showcasing hope and strength despite the unfortunate situations Filipinos faced during and after the recent typhoons in the Philippines. And with the hopes to raise funds for Filipinos affected by the previous calamities, Popa was able to create the book within just three hours!

May Beybi sa Batya

After typhoon Ulysses took over Cagayan Valley, a photo of baby Ayla Erin Agnes in a plastic bin or “batya” in the middle of the massive flooding went viral on social media. Many netizens, including Popa, were quick to relate the photo with the biblical story of the infant Moses who was delivered into safety in a basket.

“There is a message of peace and compassion from these children… Unique kasi I remember the story of Baby Moses. He was saved by a basket. Reminder din ito sa lahat na they are very vulnerable,” Popa said in an interview.

Photos from Jeron Tanglaw Facebook

As of writing, the book has already raised over 173,000 pesos to help the typhoon victims in Cagayan, Pollilo, Quezon, Pangasinan, Isabela, Bulacan, Catanduanes, Albay, and other neighboring areas that were affected by the widespread flooding.

The soft copy of May Beybi sa Batya is sold for 50 pesos and can be ordered here.

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