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Craving For Thai Food? Try All 3 Flavors of Master Gerry’s Ube-infused Mango Sticky Rice Dessert!

You can try all flavors with their appetizing assorted party boxes!

Thai food is fast becoming popular among Filipinos– thanks to the emergence of Thai restaurants in and around the metro. And when you think of Thai food desserts, you’ll think of the popular mango sticky rice or Khao Niaow Ma Muang. 

A traditional Southeast Asian dessert, mango sticky rice is made with glutinous rice, fresh mango, and coconut milk. If you’re craving for some, you ought to try Master Gerry’s Filipino-infused take on the popular dessert! (Read: 4 Thai Food Dishes That You Should Try at Least Once)

Master Gerry’s Goodies

Master Gerry’s Goodies started when the pandemic happened. The health crisis urged the Pineda family to start a small online business– named after the family’s patriarch, Gerardo. And in a fun fact shared by his wife, Kate, Master Gerry is really his nickname! 

“We gave him the nickname ‘Master Gerry’ dahil kahit anong tanong may sagot siya, kahit anong ipagawa alam niya. He’s good at everything to the point na mamamangha ka talaga. Because our relatives and friends heard us calling him that, nakigaya na rin sila,” Kate said.

But the family does not want to just sell anything– they wanted to do something meaningful and productive– so they decided to make kakanin.

Ube-infused desserts

“It started when my mother made an ube macapuno biko as our dessert on New Year’s Eve. Since kakanin is a must-have when celebrating the New Year, and Master Gerry is a kakanin lover, our family, relatives, and friends who came over loved the dessert. Sabi nila try namin magbenta kasi siguradong magugustuhan ng mga tao ‘yun,” Master Gerry’s daughter, Geriane says. 

Ube Macango Sticky Rice for PHP 150 (Photo courtesy of Master Gerry’s Goodies by Maila Cabatic of

It was Geriane who came up with the idea of selling ube macango (macapuno and mango) sticky rice instead of ube macapuno biko. She also helped improve the recipe. 

“We infused the Filipino taste in our sticky rice by making our own version using ube and macapuno. We all know that Filipinos really love ube, nag-isip kami ng masarap at magandang ipartner sa ube. That’s when we decided to use macapuno,” she adds. (Read: A Millennial’s Tip on How to Start an Online Business Amid Pandemic)

Three Flavors

Master Gerry’s Goodies offer three flavors of sticky rice; Ube Macango, Peachy Mango, and S’berry Ube Mango. All flavors have the same base, glutinous rice mixed with fresh coconut milk and ube halaya. It only differs on the flavor of the sauces and how the fruits are garnished into the sticky rice.

Their signature sticky rice is the Ube Macango Sticky Rice. It is perfectly shaped like a cup of rice, topped with sesame seeds and macapuno strips, sided with fresh mango, and oozing with milky macapuno sauce. 

Peachy Mango Ube Sticky Rice (Photo courtesy of Master Gerry’s Goodies by Maila Cabatic of k)

A must-try flavor is the Peachy Mango Ube Sticky Rice, which somehow looked like a puto bumbong– a popular dessert usually available during the Christmas season. It is topped with toasted sesame seeds and coconut and generous slices of mangoes and peaches, drizzled with peach mango sauce. 

Placed in a round tin can, the S’berry Ube Mango Sticky Rice has thick layers of ube sticky rice, strawberries, and flower-shaped mangoes also topped with sesame seeds and the right amount of creamy strawberry-mango sauce to balance the sweetness.

This is the best alternative for cakes or other baked goods– a hit for customers who want to give food as presents to their loved ones. (Read: 3 Easy Thai Food Recipes You Can Try at Home)

Positive feedback

The Pineda family is happy and proud of all the feedback they receive from their customers. Despite the lack of manpower, they still manage to give the service their customers deserve and maintain the quality control they need. 

(Left) Ube Macango Sticky Rice for PHP 150 (Right) S’Berry Ube Mango Sticky Rice for PHP 400 (Photo courtesy of Master Gerry’s Goodies by Maila Cabatic of

“What makes our sticky rice special is our family’s mindset on how we creatively and accurately think and make different kinds of sticky rice flavors that will suit our original ube macapuno sticky rice. We make sure that we do trial and error, incorporate creative ideas, and use high-quality ingredients to come up with unique and delicious flavors of sticky rice. We are also using eco-friendly and sustainable packaging to help lessen the plastic pollution in our environment,” they explain.

Sticky rice party box

The store recently released a Sticky Rice Party Box that is perfect for any celebration. It is available in different flavors, good for five to seven persons. The sauces, macapuno strips, and coconut toppings are separated for you to mix and match! Master Gerry’s Goodies is planning to open their first physical store and release new food products like cookies and donuts, so stay tuned on their Instagram.

You may place your orders here.

By Kayla Ramos and Yen Cantiga

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