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ICYMI: Mang Inasal’s Chicken Oil Is Now Available For Takeout And Delivery– Here’s Why You Should Get One!

Thanks for hearing us out, Mang Inasal! 

Dining at Mang Inasal is incomplete without dousing your rice with its golden-greasy, savory, and addictive chicken oil. It’s no secret that pairing this well-loved condiment to any inasal meals is the best—that will make you want more and say, “Rice pa po!”

And now, Mang Inasal’s glorious chicken oil is (finally!) available in 250g packs for only PHP 99! You can buy it for takeout or delivery via Foodpanda or Mang Inasal’s website from select branches nationwide. (Read: 3 Alternatives to White Rice if You Want to Eat Healthier)

Still undecided whether to get one or not? Let My Pope Philippines tell you why you should buy Mang Inasal’s chicken oil ASAP before it’s too late!

It goes well with lots of dishes

Photo from Mang Inasal Philippines Facebook

Along with the chicken oil, Mang Inasal offers ready-to-cook products such as chicken inasal paa, spicy paa, pecho, pork barbecue, and bangus sisig. So, it would be perfect to partner them with its classic chicken oil to feel the Mang Inasal vibe at your home! You can also pair it with your homecooked ulam or other fried dishes like lechon kawali, crispy pata, and more! Make your everyday lunch and dinner more exciting and satisfying with this irresistible condiment. (Read: 3 Restaurants That Have Ready-To-Cook Packs of Their Bestsellers)

You can literally bring it anywhere

Photos from Mang Inasal Philippines Facebook

If you’ve been tempted to take a bottle of it at home, worry no more! You can finally have your own chicken oil and bring it on outings, barkada bondings, or in your office pantry to share with your friends and family. Since the chicken oil is available in sachet packs, it is easier to slip in your bag and you can keep it anywhere in your kitchen! Plus, it is lightweight and won’t spill! 

It might sell out soon

Photo from Mang Inasal Philippines Facebook

Many are rejoicing with the availability of Mang Inasal’s chicken oil in packs, which means many are also planning to buy one or who knows, maybe more than one! What are you waiting for? Go to the Mang Inasal branch near you, and get yours while you still can! No one can tell until when it will be available in your area. As they say, live life to the fullest with no regrets. (Read: 10 grocery must-haves to help you plan a week’s worth of meals)

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