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Happy Birthday, Mama Mary! 3 Cake Ideas And Recipes For This Joyous Day

Celebrate her birthday with these pretty and appetizing cakes!

September 8 marks the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary– a joyous and sacred occasion especially for Filipino Catholics. In Christianity, the day is formally known as the “Feast of the Nativity of Mary.”

Pope Paul VI, wrote in a document, Marialis Cultus, that Mama Mary’s nativity is considered the “hope of the entire world and the dawn of salvation” as it brings great joy to the Catholics. However, there is no reference in the Sacred Scriptures to the birth of Mary. It only appeared in Protoevangelium of James, an Apocrypha dated 200 AD.

And because it’s her birthday, it’s only fitting that Mama Mary be given a cake! Make something special for her today with these unique cake ideas and recipes you can try at home! (Read: 4 Books to Make You Love, Appreciate Mama Mary)

Mama Mary’s Birthday cake: Ombre rosette cake

Photos from HI COOKERY

This one will suit your taste if you prefer a simple yet appealing cake! Ombre rosette cakes are usually bright in colors, gradually blending to another. It consists of sponge, buttercream, or both. Since roses have been associated with the Virgin Mary, the rosette design would be perfect! To symbolize her purity and mantle, use blue food coloring and white icing to decorate the cake. So, once you slice it, you’ll be surprised with the beautiful blue hue that blends the white icing! It is fun and easy to make, you can also sprinkle it with candies.

Get the recipe here

Mama Mary’s Birthday cake: Lemon blueberry cake

Photo from Catholic Cuisine

Indulge a tangy and sweet taste of a lemon blueberry cake topped with berries and cream cheese frosting! This fruit-filled recipe gives an exciting zing from lemon zest. Plus the blueberry toppings for an added sweetness and to emphasize the Virgin Mary’s blue mantle. You can use a small figurine of her as a cake topper, then surround it with fresh blueberries and a few slices of lemons! (Read: These Plant-based Cupcakes From Cupcakes by Sonja Will Have You Wanting For More!)

Get the recipe here.

Mama Mary’s Birthday cake: Carrot cake

Photo from Viki’s Kitchen

Send your own birthday message or greeting with this simple dedication cake! Another cake idea for Mama Mary’s birthday is a carrot cake decorated with blue, white, and pink buttercream frosting. You can design it using chocolates and candies. The best part is you’ll enjoy writing a short birthday message for her! Try to add some apples to level up the flavor and make it healthier. Just make sure to mix all the ingredients well to achieve a thick and creamy texture. (Read: St. John Paul II Loved This Cake—and We’re Giving You the Recipe for It!)

Get the recipe here

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