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4 Dishes You Can Add Malunggay Aside From Tinola

There’s so much more you can cook with malunggay leaves!

The first thing that usually comes to our minds whenever we hear malunggay is Tinola. But did you know that there are a lot of malunggay recipes that many of us are not familiar with or haven’t tried yet?

Malunggay or moringa offers health benefits and serves as a great ingredient in Filipino cuisine– from healthy beverages like tea and smoothie to pandesal and other dishes, there’s no doubt that this green and leafy vegetable is good for our health. (Read: Which is the more Filipino dish, adobo or sinigang?)

It is also accessible since you can just ask your neighbor for some malunggay growing in their backyards! 

Discover these upgraded malunggay recipes– that are not the usual tinola or munggo– and level up your meal plan! (Read: WATCH: Nutritionist-Dietitian Explains Fad Diets, Plant-Based Eating)


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A healthy and easy-to-cook breakfast? Instead of plain eggs, prepare a malunggay omelette for your family! Just mince the malunggay leaves then mix them into the scrambled eggs before frying. You can also add onions and tomatoes or sprinkle some cheese for a more savory taste. Get the recipe here

Ginataang malunggay

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This creamy and hearty dish is inexpensive and easy to cook as well! It is perfect as a side dish or partner to your favorite fried food like fish or chicken. Since gata or coconut milk is another golden ingredient popular in Filipino cuisine, ginataang malunggay is the kind of dish that everyone will enjoy, especially the veggie lovers or vegans out there! Get the recipe here. (Read: These Delicious Gata Recipes Will Upgrade Your Dining Experience)

Corn and malunggay soup

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A hot and delicious broth might be relieving after a tiring day. Warm the soul of your loved ones with this simple malunggay and corn soup! It is a homemade appetizer that will also go well with any fried food or other dishes. To make it more flavorful, you can add boneless chicken breast slices. Get the recipe here


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You can infuse these tiny malunggay leaves with your favorite pasta too! Make pesto pasta healthier and more delicious with the added vitamins and minerals from malunggay leaves. This is more challenging to cook compared to the previous dishes on the list, but it is worth all the sweat! Aside from pasta lovers, kids will love this for sure! Get the recipe here.

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